Happy Trails

Tony left this a.m. for his trip to Colorado. He should be asleep in a cabin on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon right at this moment. The kids and I leave for Louisiana in the morning. My thought, at first, was to leave the same day Tony did. . .but, as I told my mom, I can get all of us ready to go one place but not some of us ready to go one place and some the other. Actually, Tony got himself ready, but he normally runs interference for me with the kids when I have to pack. My other goal was to have the car packed and be in bed by midnight.


Guess I’d better get busy. The good news is that ALL of the laundry is done. . .and since we are going to Momma’s, I am only packing enough clothing for four days and will wash while I’m there. Yea for parents!!!!! And their appliances!!!!! Momma and Daddy have dial up, so my interactions will be patchy at best. Please pray for safe trips all around.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. So nice to be able to go stay with the Momma and Daddy for a while, with dail-up and all their appliances! It was good to hear that your Dad is doing much better now too! Enjoy your visit 🙂

  2. Be sure to say “hi” to Harold and Glenda for us. We’re in Houston getting psyched up for the deal tomorrow. Sarah is on her way to sit with M while the carving takes place.
    Have a great week in God’s country.

  3. “ALL the laundry is done.” That happened to me exactly once. But my mama is hard at work washing everything here. Emergency surgery does have an upside. And mama-love comes in pretty handy too.

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