Lester Flatt RV Park

No, we didn’t go there, but seeing that sign made me laugh hysterically on our way to Searcy. (Pronounced SIR-SEE for those NOT in the know.) I did not see an Earl Scruggs RV Park, but maybe they have a bench or street named for him there.

We are back in Houston. I made the normally 8 hour trip in 6 hours and 50 minutes yesterday. That was after a stop a diet Coke and another stop for the potty and gasoline. We FLEW. It helped that I didn’t get behind any combine tractors and that the slow pokes dilly-dallying on their Sunday afternoon drives were going slowly enough for me to pass them without fearing for my life. AND that the children were as ready to get home as was I. About an hour and a half outside of Houston, Victoria said, “Mommy. I do believe I’ve had it.” The rain held off until we were just outside of town.

My honey was already there having arrived 20 minutes before us. We have decided that we do NOT like being away from each other AT ALL–and DEFINITELY not for over a week.

Today we’ve had brilliant sunshine, rain, more brilliant sunshine, more rain, and right now we are squarely situated betwixt the two.

Tony had to go to protest our property taxes at 10:30, and we were, none of us, happy about that. But it gave me time to write this, and now I’m off to make his birthday cake–very belated.

And, should you find yourself in need of an RV park while visiting central Arkansas, might I suggest the one mentioned in the title. It’s located north of White Hall near Searcy, which is located north of Little Rock on Hwy. 167. Tell Lester “Hey” for me.

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One thought on “Lester Flatt RV Park

  1. I had to wiki Lester Flatt. That probably makes me a valley girl. I’m so glad you guys are all back together and fighting the evils of property taxes.

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