The lessons, they escape me at the moment

Well, I thought of all manner of life lessons and blog fodder while traipsing through Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Either sadly or luckily, it all escapes me at the moment. I didn’t write anything down. I’m hoping to remember it for myself sooner or later, then I will share it with you, my precious readers who keep coming back for more.

Our first day home has gone thusly.

Get up
Catch up on my blogs
Gaze at my husband
Watch Veggie Tales with the children
Make a strawberry cake for Tony’s b-day
Eat strawberry cake
Watch a movie
Take a nap
Do a load of dishes
Make incredibly NON-nutritious dinner for kids
Write this inane list

It’s all about getting the wheels turning again. . .the wheels of my brain. Not the wheels of my car. Tomorrow I teach ladies class.

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One thought on “The lessons, they escape me at the moment

  1. writing the list at the end of your day reminded me:
    one of my dearest friends gets a few to-do’s done and then writes a list of to-do’s (that includes the things she just did) and THEN marks all those things off the list because she LOVES having a list with stuff marked off of it. otherwise, she feels overwhelmed by a non-marked-off list! yeah, she’s a little insane – but that’s why i LOVE her!
    can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your trip. get those wheels spinnin’!

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