Hormonally yours

Between all of the traveling and VBSing and vacationing and bible class teaching and trying-to get-back-into-the-swing-of-thingings and months passing at break-neck speed and unexpected detours my hormones have managed to completely run amok.

(For Sarah. . .)

Miriam-Webster Online
Main Entry: 1 amok
Pronunciation: &-‘m&k, -‘mäk
Variant(s): or amuck /&-‘m&k/
Function: noun
Etymology: Malay amok
: a murderous frenzy that has traditionally been regarded as occurring especially in Malaysian culture

Although not quite murderious or Malaysian. . .frenetic is pretty acurate.

The internal feminine balance that occurs on a regular basis had lost its way. I think it got lost somewhere back in June and came to look for me while I was away. . .therefore I spent a lot of today (after my ladies’ class on Abigail and a lost frog and lovely phone conversations with Carolyn and Stephanie and a nap and an impromtu visit from the in-laws) on the verge teetering between laughing and crying. . .feeling capable of conquering the mess that is my house and wanting to lie deflated on the couch like so many day old helium balloons.

Inspirational. No?


What I want/need and what I will get are two different things.

I want/need are THREE uninterrupted days in my house with no one saying, “Mommy, can you _________?”

What I get are THREE people who love be insanely. . .and live in this house. One only calls me Mommy when referring to me in that roll. The other two call me that all the time.

Anyone got any spare hormones to send so as to balance out the mayhem? No? Okay, then encouraging prayers will do just fine.

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4 thoughts on “Hormonally yours

  1. Hm – I don’t know how that happened. That comment was meant for the post “Oh the joy of life’s little pleasures” so please don’t think I was mocking your hormonal day because I swear! I wasn’t!

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