Oh the joy of life’s little pleasures.

PaPaw Ed and Nana Ruthann (Tony’s parents) promised Victoria and Thad a trip to the zoo for their birthdays. The kids went over there last night in hopes that they might be seeing lions and tigers and bears (oh, my) today at the Houston Zoo. Alas, more thunderstorms were rumbling by 8:00 a.m., so they just hung out at PaPaw and Nana’s house.


Their Daddy and I went to Macaroni Grille last night BEFORE the “rush hour” where we dined on crab stuffed mushrooms and shrimp portofino (good, good, good, divine. . .was introduced to the shrimp portofino by Sarah last summer and it is just so INCREDIBLY delish). . .THEN we went BACK to the LaQuinta where we had gotten ourselves a room away from “it all” and got into swimsuits and spent three glorious hours in the pool/hot tub area without having to apply sunscreen OR listen to “Mommy!!!! Daddy!!!! Look at me.” “No, look at ME!” “Thad, I asked first.” “Sistuh, you ALWAYS ask fuhst.”, OR having to worry about the creators of that dialogue drowning. It was not very crowded due to the thunderstorms from earlier that day, but it was nice and quiet even when there were a couple of families there.

THEN, around 1:00 a.m., we discovered that we were hungry again, so we traveled down the main drag to an IHOP where I got THE BEST Chicken Florentine Crepes I have EVER had for $7.99. At IHOP, y’all. Not even kidding. And they were supposed to have Hollandaise sauce atop them, but there was some sort of issue with getting and/or making Hollandaise sauce at the only IHOP for miles at 1:30 a.m. on a Friday in Houston, so the poor beleaguered cook (who probably couldn’t SPELL crepe but sure could cook ’em–and was tucked away in his little area RIGHT behind my head–it was a small IHOP) said (after the hostess, our waitress, and ANOTHER waitress asked him if he had yet made or plucked from his magic cookstove the missing Hollandaise sauce), “We ain’t got no d**n Hollandaise sauce!!!! I’m in here cookin’ my **s off.”

His words. Not mine.

And Tony and I laughed ourselves silly. And before we left, I said to Miss Evelyn, our waitress, “Please tell the cook that the crepes were really excellent.” Which she did. And he said in a much happier tone, “Thank you ma’am.” And probably whispered under his breath, “I knew she didn’t need no dadgum Hollandaise sauce.”

Good crepes. . .thin, light, golden brown. I highly recommend them.

Tony has gone to run an errand. The house is empty and quiet. Bliss.

And I’ll be glad to see them all when they get home.

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2 thoughts on “Oh the joy of life’s little pleasures.

  1. NICE!! Who knew IHOP had even heard of hollandaise sauce?
    And by the way, my mom and I went out to Macaroni Grille the other day. I’d never been before. Pretty darn good.

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