That’s all. Just hi. I’m sort of in the midst of two worlds right now. The “summer” world and the “school” world. I finished the 7th Harry Potter book yesterday afternoon, so the much anticipated selfish activity of my summer is done. . .the big vacations are done except for on final trip to Galveston. . .on Friday the birthdays will be done (except for mine which doesn’t really count). . .and now it’s time to lay summer down and pick up the school year. But first, I must “pick up” my house.

The state of Texas had decided that we will be starting later this year. So I have about two extra weeks of summer to get things done that I normally can’t do. I have roped off this week for The House. It will be interrupted briefly so that the children and I can get hair cuts PLUS I have a “free” pedicure that a friend gave me. I think the personal care will all take place on Thursday. On Friday, Victoria turns 9 and is having her first real life sleep over. There are only four little girls in Victoria’s class at church, (she is one of the four)–and about 10 boys. Four is a good number for a sleep over. . .and so four is what we shall have.

As far as I know we will do an art project, watch “Pollyanna”, and eat junk food. And the girls will stay up too late, but they will be downstairs on air mattresses, so that’s fine with me. None of them wear bras yet, so they won’t have to hide their lest their friends get them wet and freeze them or dangle them from the blades of the ceiling fan. They also aren’t interested in boys yet, so there will be no crank calling. I THINK all of them have spent the night at friend’s houses before, so there should not be any home sickness. And there is an even number, so no one will be left out.

Wish me luck.

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4 thoughts on “Hi

  1. You’re a brave soul. But strategically speaking, Pollyanna would be the movie of choice for encouraging good behavior. Jason and I are sloooooooowly trudging through book 7. We managed the first four chapters this afternoon during naptime, and won’t get back to it until tomorrow night. And I can’t remember ANYTHING from the other books, which is driving me batty. I need a new brain.

  2. Well, if you can’t get a new brain, you CAN use Wikipedia for a little remembering. . .they lay the books out all nice and neat for you. OR you could ask me, ’cause I’ve read them all several times and you MUST have a working memory of atleast books 5 and 6 to get through. It is NOT a fast read, sister.

  3. Well, Roxanne, I know one little girl that absolutely loved the party. 🙂 She does wear a bra, though. (my big yikes! of the summer) However, I don’t think the girls know all the tricks that can be pulled with them yet. (thank goodness!)


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