Meet my librarian, Mrs. Kravitz

Yesterday Tony and I had our first inservice day as Man and Wife. I had not yet been initiated in with all of the Arnold staff, but I am now. I got LOTS of different comments such as, “I was wondering why they moved Langley to the reading hallway.” “So nice to meet you.” “Now you can solve the mystery that is Tony Langley.” But more often than not it was, “Are you. . .???” To which I replied, “Yes, I’m Tony’s wife.”

Everyone is very nice–the DI asked if we NEVER, EVER, EVER wanted to be in the same room/group/area during inservice/work or if we were cool with whatever. We are, of course, cool with whatever. She and her husband worked in the same building and he was ADAMANT that they never be anywhere near each other during the school day.

We were there for a “lecture” of sorts, so we sat by each other. Just let me tell you that it is INCREDIBLY hard to sit by your husband and not ACT like he’s your husband. For instance–him putting his arm around you, putting your hand on his knee, whispering something in his ear, putting your hand on his back or shoulder, holding his hand. It’s just very hard to NOT do that after 16 years of doing it. We hadn’t really discussed what we WOULD and WOULDN’T do at work seeing as how we both know what to and not to do at work, but there are all the little things you don’t realize. So we weren’t sitting like stone soldiers, but just trying to be all not married while being married during the morning half of the day. After lunch, we were a little more lax, because several people had met me and figured that we weren’t going to make out while at work.

The afternoon dragged on and on and the chairs got uncomfortable. I found myself unconsciously leaning against him or hooking my foot behind his leg when I crossed MY legs. . .just the norm. I never held his hand, though I did put my hand on his back one time–each time I “corrected” my behavior when I realized what I was doing. Tony never said a word, because he’s so used to it too.

After the event was over, the librarian’s aid, Hope, came to meet me. I had introduced myself to the librarian earlier in the day. Hope was maybe mid to late 60’s. She said, “I just want you to know that I am VERY protective of your husband.” I, of course, thanked her, and then she said, “Why earlier today there was this woman that I had never seen before, and she kept smiling at him and sitting close to him, and touching his arm, and I was just downright disgusted by her behavior. I could imagine that it was annoying to him, but he was just too polite to say so. So I said, to Margaret (the other librarian), ‘Are they related or something?’ And Margaret told me to quit worrying–that woman was his wife.” I said, “I was trying so hard to NOT be affectionate or obvious.” And she said, “Well, you failed. But since you’re his wife, that’s fine by me.”

It’s good to know that Hope’s got my back. 🙂 And it’s also nice to know that even people who don’t know we’re married can tell I’m just gah-gah over my husband. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Meet my librarian, Mrs. Kravitz

  1. That is too funny. One more reason for me to hate the library. Yes, I hate the library. All of them. I keep saying I should post on this madness, but haven’t.


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