Back to School

Well, it’s that time again. The kids come on Monday. We’ve been forced to sit most of the week listening to other people talk when there were a lot of other things we’d rather be doing in our rooms. . .which, as someone wisely pointed out, should let us know EXACTLY how our students feel every day of the week.

I am headed up to school today to lose myself in my room. There have been too many distractions and meetings and “oh, I found one more thing that you are supposed to have” to be put away for me to get my head on straight. It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of wrapping my brain around first day procedures in a new place. . .especially with my new 8th grade experience around the corner. That being said, I have TWO and only two criteria for a successful first day of school.

1. Everyone eats lunch
2. Everyone goes home

If everyone eats lunch and everyone goes home, we’ve done our jobs on day one.

My team is great. It’s been a wonderful week with them. And I cannot even begin to relay the absolute JOY of being in the same building with my husband. Oh. My. Goodness. We barely see each other—which we knew—so it’s not quantity of time. It’s just that if I’m going to inhale my South Beach frozen entrée in 15 minutes, I can inhale it with him. If it is time to go to “Meet the Teacher”, we can BOTH go now. If it’s time to pick up the kids, we can BOTH go do this. OR he can do one thing while I do another, but we can actually discuss it ‘cause we’re in the same building. Tony is deeper into the maze that is our school than I am, so his cell phone doesn’t work in his room and all of our communication was e-mail dependent. . .not always the best source when you’re not at your computer all (or even most) of the day.

We did meet the kids’ teachers yesterday. Victoria’s are fine. . .not any that I knew or had heard of , but just good solid teachers evidently. Thad’s teacher. . .oh my. . .she is precious. She is not the bounce around bubbly high talking kind of kinder teacher—which is a great kind of teacher—she is BEAUTIFUL and calm and even keeled and soft-spoken and reminds me of a dear, dear friend. There is always a disclaimer on the kinder information that says, “Since we do not yet know your student, please be aware that to best meet his/her education needs, there may be teacher changes within the first two weeks of school.” I understand that completely, but please, please, please. . .I REALLY hope he gets to keep Mrs. Cathey.

I hope your returnings to school—whether that is in your home or out—are successful and happy and exciting. And if you have no little (or big) ones going back, pray for those who do.


7 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I know what you mean about the back-to-school meetings. I spent 3 days doing it also! It was great to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones, but it was ohhhh so wonderful to finally be in our rooms on Thursday and Friday. I am a paraprofessional in a Content Mastery lab so I do not have all of the worry and responsibility that you have, but I do understand that preparing for the first week can be a little nerve wracking when you have so many interruptions and meetings. May God bless you with students that will remember you for the rest of their lives.

  2. Steph and Jennifer–Thank you. 🙂

    Wezie-Bless you for taking care of those kids that come to content mastery. That is a hard job. . .kiddos from all over the building with different assignments and on different levels. You may not have as much prep time, but you are CERTAINLY needed.

  3. Hope you have a good school year Roxanne. I taught 8th grade math for until I had my oldest son Colton, and I enjoyed that age group. I cannot imagine teaching young kids. It takes a special kind of person for that.
    It looks like you have been blessed with a great family. I enjoyed reading your blog about the snake in your purse. You need a special Mommy award for that one.

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