Readin’ and Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic

School begins tomorrow. In fact, my alarm will go off in 12 hours and 10 minutes (it’s now 4:50 p.m.), and my year as a Buccaneer will have begun. Thad is going to kindergarten. I haven’t talked about it a lot. I guess the reason I’m not so overcome by it is because I REALLY felt like I let him go when he was three and I went back to work and he began going to school all day. Those first few weeks just about did me in. Kindergarten is just a way for him to be in the same building as his sister all day. . .

Anyway–run on over to Sarah’s blog. She has some link love going on over there. All of them are GREAT, but make sure to click on the video, then say a prayer for ALL of us who go back to school tomorrow.

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