Little bits of happiness

Actually I have great big bits of happiness. . .but am in the “end of the first week of the beginning of the rest of the school year” funk, so the writer side of my brain is turned off. Here’s all I got.

*fresh, crunchy, sweet corn with lots of butter and salt. YUM!!!

*peach iced tea

*getting to lay in bed until 10:00 a.m. even though I wasn’t asleep

*being at school early every day this week

*happy children who love their teachers (mine–the jury is still out on the children that have me and whether or not it’s true love)

*a great first week of school, but Monday off

*(8:45 p.m. addendum) having the guy at the gas station change the carbonation tank on the fountain coke machine so your Diet Coke is a good one since you’re a regular

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Little bits of happiness

  1. Yum…love peach tea!

    Another bit of happiness…I went to Starbucks today, and the pumpkin spice frap is now back for fall (albeit 90 degree fall weather).

  2. My week was good. And yesterday, September 1, we enjoyed a lovely 66.8 degrees F evening on the back patio with a fire in the fire bowl.
    This morning it was 59!
    I love September!

  3. Jen. . .NOT a coffee drinker, but I have two wonderful recipes for Pumpkin Crunch and Pumpkin Cheesecake should you care to have them. Also, you can buy Lipton peach tea bags to make your very own, personal peach iced tea. I do one peach bag and one regular.

    Steph. . .CAN. NOT. Imagine 59 DEGREES. Our low at night is 77. I love September too. . .but we won’t get those temps. until the end of the month IF we’re lucky. Last year it was mid-October.

  4. I am quite certain that it was at least 110 degrees every afternoon when school let out this week. Although this morning was a pleasant 80 degress. Ahhh September!

    There is a really good orange flavored iced tea at Starbucks – I’m not ready for the hot stuff yet either!

  5. This week has been sunny up to now. Warm fall breezes, and playing with my new puppy in the backyard. It’s like being a kid again. Our ice tea up here is pomegranate and wildberry white ice tea. They don’t grow peaches in Calgary and I miss that so from when I grew up in Ontario. The odd goose is flying overhead, a sure sign of fall and the berries on my Mountain Ash are ripe and fermenting and I am having a blast watching the drunken robins zoom their way into the tree while I eat my meals. A new handover from Shell Canada to Royal Dutch Shell, new bosses and different ways of doing things. Change is good they say. Nick has moved out and the solitude is actualy bearable, infact it is enjoyable. Reading and catching up on my housework and writing. How blessed to have a life such as this? I just love the fall it seems so peacful.

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