Moratorium on indecent exposure, please

I just left the following comment on Sarah’s blog. . .

“No one has climbed a tree at MY middle school, however I DID announce today to my 8th grade girls that I don’t wanna see their b**bs anymore. . .I don’t wanna see the tops of their b**bs, or the cleavage of their b**bs, or the bone between their b**bs, or the baby blue bra that is doing an insufficient job of covering their b**bs. The only b**bs I want to see are ones that are substantially covered by material–preferably something through which I cannot see either. And yes, I used the words b**bs and if any parent complains, then I will ask them why they allow their daughters to wear clothing that exposes the tops of their BRE*STS.”

It was actually only part of a comment, but seriously, if you are housing a girl between the ages of 11 and. . .say 22. . .and she brings home or asks to buy one of those tight-fitting, low-cut shirts, just say no. I cannot TELL you the number of exposed b**bages I see throughout any given day. These are spry young things that have it to show off as well. . .not yet ravaged by the stresses of time and gravity and nursing. I don’t know how the boys pay attention in class. . .they aren’t anyway. . .and they aren’t even when the girls are covered up. . .but give ’em some nicely rounded, exposed, tanned young h**ters to gaze upon and Katy, bar the door. What’s more, they aren’t even having to use their imaginations, so they just go straight to phase 2. And even worse are the younger ones who are not yet developed enough to actually fill out the tops of whatever low-cut thing it is that they’re wearing, so you get to see much more than you bargained for.

As ugly as those last descriptions just sounded. . .that’s how I feel every time I see another precious girl exposing herself to the other 1,499 students in our building. It’s sad.

So if you have a girl–cute or not cute–thin or not thin–just developing or way past developing. . .make sure she’s dressed for school. Sheesh.


21 thoughts on “Moratorium on indecent exposure, please

  1. Amen Sister! You finally got me to comment!! We had parents of teens class Wednesday night at church and the youth minister opened a few eyes to what was going on in the “real world” with their teens! (Se*ual activity among their own teens.) Mom’s and Dad’s need to take a stand here! And some Mom’s need a little help with their own clothing decisions!

  2. Stephanie

    You know how some parents of daughters are always up in a huff about someone’s son taking advantage of their girl? You know what I’m talking about. Well, I have no problem getting up in personal space, with my index finger on their nose, being all in a huff about their daughter taking advantage of my boy. Just saying. πŸ˜‰

  3. Please refer to my comment on Sarah’s blog wherein I said hooray for your stance.
    I also said that when you get this issue resolved, please turn your attention to the plumber’s-crack issue which is, in my opinion, almost as prevalent as the cleavage problem yet exposes an area far less attractive (especially when displayed by the teenybopper waittess at the sandwich shop – eeeyeuw!).

  4. I could NOT agree more! As the parent of a 20-year-old daughter who was never allowed to dress that way, and still doesn’t, my mind is completely boggled by the fact that parents…indeed, good Christian parents!…allow their daughters to dress that way. My dad wouldn’t have let me out the front door. Good for you!

  5. The funniest thing was that at the end of my diatribe addressed to the 8th grade girls, one of my boys goes. . .”How about me Mrs. Langley? Can you see MY b**bs?” Very funny.

  6. Oh I boobs don’t think so! boobs You don’t get boobs to leave boobs all over my boobs blog for the boobs crusty-scum boobs of the earth to come gawk at the boobs of my site and then cloak your boobs with all of those boobs asterisks!

    That boobs said — I think you are absolutely right on!

  7. The moms allow it because alot of them are dressed just like that. I dread going through the girl crazy years with my three sweet boys. Now I am thinking the whole Iraqi headdress and robe thing would be really pretty on a girl. Ha Ha! I wouldn’t have to worry about the dating as much. I could just say, “Look Colton, she looks really sweet. She’s got pretty green eyes.”
    Sarah’s dad is right too! I am sick of seeing the plumber’s crack/ coin slot’s with the artistic tattoos above them. Cuva up!

  8. Yes, the butt cleavage is beyond ridiculous now. And the boobs as well. Although, living in a much colder climate does seem to help with the boob coverage. But not the butts. I’m already shocked by some of the things on the racks for six-year-olds. I can’t imagine what awaits us later.

  9. What happened to hopscothch and skipping? In grade 8 I wore kneesocks and no makeup because I was not allowed to wear nylons and go out with a painted face. Things have changed yes, but we seem to be depriving our children of their youth by accepting fashion designers and the media to sway our children into thinking what makes them popular. Stop buying their advertisements people! Protest!

    Having said that,I must admit I remember “hot-pants” and the mini skirt being all the rage when I was in grade eight and being so upset that my father would not allow that kind of fashion in our hous. Nevertheless, we also had rules and regulations in school of what was acceptable to wear and what was not… Jeans for example, I they were forbidden.

    Freedom of choice is one thing, but looking like a floozie (is that a word?)at the age of 12/13 just seem unfair to the young girl who is pressered to be something her mind and body is not ready for. She misses out on the passage and experience that graduates her into becoming a “young woman”.

  10. Stephanie

    “Although, living in a much colder climate does seem to help with the boob coverage. ”

    So there is another good reason to fight Global Warming. πŸ™‚

    Roxanne, I applaud you for giving your class a lovingly hard verbal smack on the forehead speech about proper attire. It’s now been a few days… have you seen an impact? No doubt, your passion and heartfelt conviction on the subject reached their hearts. Even if it won’t be evident for a while.

    By the way: Happy Friday! 2 Weeks!!!

  11. I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this! Oh, that anyone would tell these girls that we don’t want to see that! Oh, that someone would tell the ACU girls at church – finally, they’re free to wear what they want and we have to see it!

  12. It has, indeed, made an impact. One girl walked in PULLING THE TOP OF HER SHIRT UP where it belonged knowing that I would say something. It has been gloriously boob free since my diatribe. I am hoping to keep it that way.

  13. AMEN~!!!!!! Constant battle because much of what can be found in the stores is better suited for the bar. I give this same lecture to my college kids but I’m thinking it would be unnecessary if parents would just take care of it at home!

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