Men are from Mars. Women are from somewhere a little closer to home.

I have linked to Joshilyn Jackson’s site before. (Her name is pronounced Joss-a-lyn, by the way.) She is a very talented southern writer who, I think, writes an incredible blog as well. There is one particular entry where she is gazing at her children and marveling over the wonder that is procreation while her husband, Scott, is a little more under excited. You can read the entire entry below, and I highly recommend you do. It is a snapshot of the complex relationship that is men and women.

Last night, late, when Scott and I had turned off all the lights downstairs and headed up to our room, I paused between the doorways to my children’s bedrooms and listened to them breathe. I had one of my rare moments when I realize I do have a little piece of soul tucked way down deep under all the glib I throw around.

Me: *tearing up a little* Isn’t it amazing? We did that. You and me. We made little people. Out of US. And now here they are, their own little separate selves.
Him: Yeah. (Subtext: I am bored of this conversation already and it just started. PS Are you back on that really bad, bad cocaine again?)
Me: But we MADE them. Out of GAMETES. Out of essentially NOTHING. You and I made PEOPLE out of biological EFFLUVIUM. How can you not see that this is a miracle?
Him: Cats can do the same thing, honey.
Me: *glare*
Him: Don’t ge me wrong. I’m nuts about our kids, and I am strongly in favor of the process for making them. But I’m not going to get choked up over Biology 101.
Me: But the Hoover Dam, that brings a tear to your jaundiced eye???
Him: Show me a cat who can make the Hoover Dam.
Me: But the planet MARS, that makes your heart go pitterypatpat?
Him: Nah, Mars is just a planet. *perks up* But one day people will GO to Mars! Now THAT will be COOL.
Me: You know, they don’t call it THE TRUCK OF LIFE. Like some dirty old truck comes and drops off a pile of babies and you grab the best, fattest one. They call it The MIRACLE of Life.
Him: Well, they don’t call it the Hoover Meh. They call it the Hoover….Dam!

And he said Dam like Will Smith always does, you know, with the drawn out A, like he’d just seen something astounding.

Me: SO! THIS is what happens when you let Discovery Channel Geeks Breed, huh?
Him: Pretty much.
Me: Cool.

Fast forward to the Langley clan driving to school this past Wednesday morning. Tony is complaining about how slowly the computer is running. This is a normal and repeated complaint. Right now it is running slowly due to an excess of family videos that need to be burned to disc.

I say, “Well, can’t we just get one of those tiny flash drive thingies that Sherry showed us to store stuff on until you can get the videos copied over?”
To which he replies, “Yes.”

At this moment my brain is totally overcome with WAY to much stimuli regarding the thing that is a computer. It boggles the mind. Atleast it boggles MY mind. As the wheels in my brain begin to spin and smoke, I say the following to my own husband.

“Doesn’t it just amaze you that we can, like, take ACTUAL REAL LIFE PICTURES of our children, who are alive. . .and moving. . .and talking. . .and all of it gets recorded onto this tiny, thin material, and then we can just put it onto the computer and BURN it onto what is essentially a plastic plate, and then we can relive the past over and over and over in real time?”

To which he replies, “Um, no.”

And I say, “NO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????????????????????????”

And he dismissively says, “No. . .I watched Star Trek.”

As though THAT was the explanation to the technological wonder that is video and digital information and the like. Star Trek is the explanation. I just didn’t get THAT MUCH enlightenment from Star Trek. But Jean-Luc Picard WAS a hottie.

And though I’ve not ever met her, me and Joss are SO totally BFF.


9 thoughts on “Men are from Mars. Women are from somewhere a little closer to home.

  1. Shelby and Jeni. . .welcome. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Rebecca. . .so am I a geek because my mind is blown by the intricacies of computer technology OR because I think that
    Jean-Luc Picard is a hottie??? 🙂

  2. And I also see that YOU commented TWICE in the span of the same minute, yet WordPress did not give you the snarky, little “slow down” comment. I fear it prefers you to me.

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