A bunch of stuff about which to be glad.

Tony called at 6:15.

The car had broken down on the way to soccer practice.

The mechanic closes at 6:00.

Enterprise car rental closes at 6:00.


We have wonderful neighbors who watched The Boy while I went to retrieve The Girl and Her Daddy since only three of us can fit into The Truck.

Tony’s brother has a car that is currently sitting idle since he drives a company vehicle.

We can use his car for free.

There was a HUGE thunderstorm earlier.

When they broke down the sun was shining.

Had the sun not been shining and had the sky been storming, they would not have gone to soccer practice.

We would not have used the car again until tomorrow to get to school.

The car did NOT break down on the way to school in the morning at 7:00.

Nor did it break down when I made a mad dash home today at lunch and made it back to school with just minutes to spare before my 6th period class showed up.

The car is 7 years old.

It is paid for.

We have had NO major trouble with it, so it’s due to pitch a fit.


Tonight is the season premier of CSI.

Which Tony will watch for both of us so he can tell me when to look and when not to look.

It’s Thursday.

Which, in my book, is Friday Eve.

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