New Wireless Amber Alert System

I just left Melanie’s where she had a post telling how you can be registered for a new Amber Alert system. Just enter your cell phone number and up to five zipcodes in which you regularly travel. If there is an Amber Alert put out in those areas, you will be notified by text message. Within seconds of registering, I had a text message on my phone telling me I was in the system. I find this amazing and very, very smart since there aren’t enough police officers on the planet to be all the places we mommies are on a daily basis. Take a minute to do this. It’s like giving blood or signing up to be an organ donor–and it’s specifically to save the lives of children.

Go here to register for Amber Alerts on your cell phone.


One thought on “New Wireless Amber Alert System

  1. Wow! I was so tickled that you signed up and then came over to read and you had posted on it, too. You are awesome. Sadly, you will be amazed at how many Amber Alerts you will start receiving. The good thing is that they do send you a new text message when the situation has been resolved- most of the time with the child found safe.

    Thanks, Roxanne!

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