I need a consensus here.

Okay–so I need to know how much you spend on groceries in a month.

Two years ago, after I’d been back to school for one year, it was through a blanket poll of the gals I worked with that I was able to prove to Tony that a housekeeper was necessary. Our house is still a mess, but thanks to Alma, we are not in fear of contracting diseases from using our own toilets or walking across the kitchen floor. My wonderful husband has EVERY intention of helping me. . .and I have every intention of cleaning. . .but all we manage to keep even half-way done is dishes, laundry, and cooking. We have $50 per month set aside for eating out–for all four of us–so that means we cook A LOT.

We have a strict monthly budget. We have a certain amount set aside for food and a separate amount set aside for hygiene, etc. I was recently able to talk Tony into upping the grocery money by $25, but we are still going over budget each month–probably due to four of us requiring sustanance–and two of us growing vertically rather than horizontally.

Anyway–how much do you spend each month on food? If you don’t have a budget–a ball park figure is great. We have four people–two adults and two growing children.

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15 thoughts on “I need a consensus here.

  1. Can’t help you exactly — I’m pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before. My budget for October is $680 for the four of us, but that includes — $40 for lunch money for the kids, as well as any and all beauty, hygiene, drugs (OTC), school supplies, and anything else I pick up at the grocery store while I’m there. I feel certain we spend at least $500 on food products alone. But that is only grocery — we have separate eating out budget.

    I did talk to one woman last week whose husband couldn’t understand why she kept going over $400/ month for the 4 of them. And she’s a full-time teacher, unable to keep up with where ground beef is on sale for $.99/ lb.

    TIME IS MONEY — and that means at the grocery store, too.

  2. No worries. I get it at Walmart for $3, when I drive down to Susanville. Gas is $3.20/gallon though, so we have to plan it all out. California– you gotta want it! πŸ˜‰

  3. Yes, the gas prices have had a direct effect on our spending too. I buy almost everything private label these days, without batting an eye.

  4. We eat out entirely too much, so I’m not sure what our grocery budget is. I’m guessing if I added up eating out and trips to the grocery store it would be more than I want. On the weeks when we are home to cook I prob spend $125 on groceries… so 500$ per month?

  5. My husband and I were just having this conversation today. We are a week from payday and no more money in the grocery budget! I’ll be very creative this week! I’m kindof embarrassed to say that we spend $600 a month, but that is for eating out, too, which we do 2-3 times a week. Hubby thinks we spend quite a bit less than most of our friends, but who knows!

  6. Okay. Well. At the Evil Wal-Mart I usually spent $100 – $150 a week. So I think about $500 – $600 a month. That is anything that I would buy at Wal-Mart – groceries, shampoo, toilet paper, a book, or a DVD, etc. That doesn’t include our eating out (Manna & More $10 and Sunday lunch $30 -$40) That 4 people – 3 of which eat adult meals.

    Is it apparent that this is on my mind alot?

  7. i spent a TON on groceries until i found a nifty little thing called angelfoodministries.com you should check it out – ton of food for a small price!

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