Tons of Funniness

Well, life has been going at break-neck speed around here. . .activities to and fro and otherwise. Last night Tony and I fell into bed at 10:50. Somewhere around 4:00-ish, I heard a crash. It came from Victoria’s room. Thad was on a palette on her floor since he didn’t have sheets on his bed. Somehow he had kicked her baker’s rack hard enough to send some things plummeting to the floor. By the time I got in there, he was trying to pick them up. He looked and me and said,

“Mommy? It was a accident.”

“I know, baby. It’s okay.”



“I need to tell you about the Woad Wunnuh. . .”

I thought he was going to go into detail about how this was an accident, but upon awaking from a dead sleep he wanted to tell me about a Road Runner cartoon he had seen earlier in the evening. Y’all–when the boy wants to say somethin’ he says it. He continues to verbally plod along despite obstacles thrown in his path by other speakers until what he has to say has been said. And that is why, after several attempt to cut the story short, I finally just sat on the foot of Victoria’s bed and let him tell the story the way he wanted to.

I finally woke up 10:50 THIS MORNING. . .12 hours of glorious, nearly uniterrupted, sleep. As I stumbled downstairs, I was greeted by Thad’s request.

“Mommy. . .do ya wanna watch the Woad Wunnuh? Huh? Huh? It’s tons of funniness!!!”

If you need tons of funniness, here is the clip in it’s entirety.


Thankfulness. . .Mercy. . .Grace

JUST got the following update on Laura. Thankfulness. . .Mercy. . .Grace. I know you will join me in a prayer of thanksgiving.


The latest update on Laura is very good! She is doing well and they are trying to wean her off the ventilator a little at a time with hope that this will take place today! Kerrie, and her son Ethan, were able to visit Laura yesterday evening and the visit was wonderful for everyone!! Ethan had a session with the staff and they used a doll to describe to him what had happened to Laura in order to prepare him for his visit. Ethan did a marvelous job of cheering Laura up! What a miracle it is for Laura to be doing so well and I know you join me in the joy of celebrating her amazing recovery!! Laura and the family still need your prayers as the road to complete recovery will be long. Thank you all for your concern and compassion!! You are fabulous!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!”

I think their great weekend started last night.

The Gala

So it’s very late. . .and the day has been very long. . .but I must tell you this story from The Gala. At the end there was an auction of some prizes–three pieces of jewelry–catered dinner for 50 from a favorite local barbecue place–dinner with the superintendent and his wife–25 yd. line front row tickets to a Texan’s game along with a signed helmet–an autographed jersey by Roger Clemens. Our tables were “bought” by benefactors, so there was plenty of money in the audience.

The 5th item up for bid was a custom made diamond ring with a matching necklace. I wasn’t even looking at the screen to tell you the truth. Just then my phone rang. I thought it was my in-laws who were sitting with the kids, but it was my VBS friend Suzy who was at another table. Her husband is a principal in the district, so they were there too. The phone rang JUST as the bidding started. . .it was her husband, Mike. He said, “Tell Tony to wave at me. . .” I immediately knew what he was trying to do, but Tony couldn’t hear the conversation. . .and I looked over to see him raise his hand and wave even though I hadn’t told him to.

All of his administrators at the table are aghast that he was bidding–meanwhile I KNOW what’s going on–and Tony is clueless. He is normally very aware of what is going on around him, but during the auction he had just checked completely out.

I immediately snatched his hand down and he said, “But Suzy was waving at me.” I said, “I know–I’m on the phone with Mike. He’s trying to make you bid.” Luckily no one saw him, but he was paranoid the rest of the night.

Hi-jinx and incredibly MATURE behavior at The Gala, y’all.

Update and clarification all rolled into one.

Laura had surgery on her neck today. They had put a halo around it to do whatever it was supposed to do–but it didn’t do that in the alotted time, so they fused two of her vertabrae together and inserted some rods. My feeble non-medical understanding of this procedure is that she will never be able to turn her head again. She is still responding slightly when not on major pain meds–like she whacked her brother’s hand the other day because he couldn’t understand her. Her mom, Kerrie, went to the dr. yesterday and possibly has some broken ribs herself. She is still pretty banged up and not bouncing back quite as well as normal. We took them dinner tonight, and Ethan was very happy to see Thad and Victoria–even though he had seen them at school. They aren’t super friends (he’s 3 years older than Thad), but any school friend who comes to see you is a good one.

Remember WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back last spring when I told you that Tony was selected as Spotlight Teacher of the Year for Arnold? Well, that is effective for THIS school year. So there was a little congratulatory faux board meeting in May, and the Big To-Do is this Thursday. That is the Gala of which I speak. It’s black tie optional–but since everyone there is at least 1/2 school teacher, most of us will be wearing slightly above average clothing. Although–if I had a resale shop AND figure like Sarah, I might have worn this–only with a different husband attached.

Had to cancel my hair appt. since we didn’t get home until 7:30 after having taken food to and visited with Kerrie and Ethan, AND on the way there the “check engine” light came on in the car after having just gotten it back yesterday following it’s extended TWO WEEK stay at the mechanic. The mechanic was as upset as we were. PLUS Victoria has Brownies tomorrow after school, and Thad missed his sports class tonight. . .so I will have to go with shaggy hair. I’m not happy about that. ALTHOUGH–now that I think about it–we will have to take TWO vehicles tomorrow so that Tony and Thad can get the car to the mechanic AS SOON AS school is over. . .and Victoria won’t be done with Girl Scouts until 5:00. . .so MAYBE I can squeeze that appt. in after all–even though I already cancelled it.

See? I WANT to slow down–really and for true–but life keeps on racing about. In the midst of the racing, I hug my kids–kiss my husband–and know that a nap awaits me Sunday afternoon–oh, wait, it doesn’t because that’s Trunk-or-Treat day. Oh well.


So things have been a little busy. . .I’m sure it is the same with you. I am dreaming of a week where I can come home from school, cook dinner, do laundry, grade papers, put the kids to bed, watch some PBS and go to sleep. This has not been happening without several other things lined up before it. This week is the same.

Kerrie’s daughter, Laura, is still the same. They finally got her fitted for a halo to hold her neck still during possible surgeries. They have started giving her larger doses of pain medication so they can remove her breathing tubes. They want her to breathe on her own–and she can–but to do that, she will have to take very deep breaths, and she has broken ribs. They are hoping by upping the pain meds, she will go ahead and breathe deeply on her own. They have not yet done any of the surgeries they need to do. Kerrie is still home in bed. The longer the days go by, the more bruising seems to show up. Ethan is going back to school tomorrow, but Kerrie said he is not doing well. I spoke to her earlier this evening, because we are taking food on Tuesday. She heard Ethan earlier today. He called his mother’s cell phone and left a message asking her to please come home. Right now, Ethan needs as many or more prayers as anyone else.

Tony’s big Gala is this Thursday. Victoria had a Build-A-Bear party to attend about a week ago, so I took advantage of my trip to the mall and went shopping. I am wearing a shirt and skirt that I already own–but I got some new (cheap) shoes


and and new (cheap) jewelry to wear–although mine is more of an antique silver than this shiny white silver

so I am good to go. I have a haircut scheduled for Wednesday, and if I can find even two seconds this week, I would dearly love to have a pedicure–even though you won’t see my toes.

While at the mall, I spent as much on this item as I did on the shoes alone or the jewelry alone


to keep this Smell of Christmas phenomena from happening again. I was looking for something in a red or a green, but this was THE scent–so gold it is. We will have appropriate seasonal smells, dadgummit.

I even threw caution to the wind and purchased one of these fancy schmancy gee-gaws to go atop it.


Bring on the holidays!!!!!

Update on the Update

As of 2:27 this afternoon this was the latest word on Laura’s condition. I got it shortly after I updated the original post. It sounds VERY encouraging.

“Kerrie’s son said the doctors are calling Laura a miracle!! She is not out of the woods yet and she will have a long road ahead of her but she is a fighter. They are waiting to do an Open MRI before they start surgery to repair her neck. Her spine is cracked and her spinal cord is displaced but not severed. She has 8 fractures in her pelvis and they will do surgery after they stabilize her neck. Laura has movement on the left side but not on the right side currently. However, Brent, her brother, shared a story with me about Laura’s determination and he said he had to chuckle about what happened. He said that when he was with Laura that she would respond to his commands – squeeze his hand, lift her leg, etc. But he could not figure out why she kept opening her eyes wide and rolling them to the right. When he got home, he visited with their mother, Kerrie, and she told him that he should have remembered that Laura is profoundly deaf in her left ear and that she was trying to tell him to move over to her right side so she could hear him!!! It is wonderful that Laura is comprehending what is being said to her and is able to respond!! The doctors did caution Brent that Laura is still critical and the next 48 hours will be important as the blood dissipates from the brain the chances of swelling increase. So please keep Laura, the family, and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers as they work together through this difficult time.”

Please pray for Laura

Update 10/17 We received this update from our principal this morning. “Lauren has multiple pelvic fractures and fractured ribs. Her brain has swelling and bleeding. Her 3rd vertebrae is broken. She is still on a ventilator. They reduced her pain medication in order to check her responses. When told Ethan was ok; she cried.” I am so glad she knows her little boy is okay as I’m sure it will speed her healing. But it breaks my heart to hear that story.

Yesterday a humdinger of a thunderstorm hit northwest Harris county right as school was letting out. We even kept the kids in class an extra 10 minutes after dismissal. The power kept going out in the building, etc. One of our teachers–an older woman named Kerrie has a daughter who teaches at the highschool and a grandson who attends the elementary with my kids. Tony stopped to let the daughter pull in front of him when he was leaving the parking lot. She had come to pick up her mom.

When they pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road, the light was flashing red, but a large cargo truck didn’t stop/ran the light/was speeding/was speeding, then saw the light, then hydroplaned/whatever ’cause he was going too fast and slammed into them on Laura’s (the daughter’s side) of the car. All three were transported to the hospital. Ethan, the 3rd grade grandson is fine, Kerrie has a broken collar bone, but Laura is in a critical condition–in a coma and on a ventilator. Things do not look good for her. She was wearing her seatbelt, but the force of the huge truck hitting them so hard threw them across the road and into a ditch. They were just pulling out of the parking lot when it happened.

Kerrie lost her husband to cancer just two years ago, and now her daughter is in very serious condition. They are originally from Australia and all family is there. Laura is not married. Please keep Kerrie, Laura, and Ethan in your prayers.