It appears a consensus has been reached.

So from what I can tell, most people with families of 3-6 are spending between $400-$650 per month to eat depending on where you live and how often you go out.

Our current grocery budget it, drum roll please, $375 per month. Not enough. I already knew that, but you made me feel better.

As Sarah says, it appears that we (as a society) are spending a bunch of money on food. I REALLY think we are spending what it costs to eat. We (except for Stephanie) don’t have gardens anymore. . .don’t have chickens to provide our eggs, don’t raise our own meat, or milk our own cows, or bake our own bread (except for Rebecca). Not only that, but the better a food is for you, the more expensive it is. I can get “wheat” bread for $.88 a loaf, but to get 100% whole wheat bread that has some fiber and nutrition, I have to pay $2.29. Cheese is expensive–but it’s an incredibly good way to get some added calcium in each day. I will PAY $3.99 for a gallon of milk because my growing children need it to continue with that growing thing.

It just costs money to eat, people. . .evidently $100-$125 per family, per week.

Thanks for your help.

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9 thoughts on “It appears a consensus has been reached.

  1. $375???!!! How on earth do you do that???
    I wish I could be one of those people who raise chickens and milk cows and cultivate veggies. Alas, I have not the organizational powers. Nor the room. Nor the time. But wouldn’t it be cool for home school kids? Jenn had a little backyard farm in Ojai. Ojai has a perfect climate for that. But oh well. I guess we’ll just keep watching the Safeway ads and clipping coupons.

  2. Denise-I get my milk at either Wal-Mart or Food Town depending on what else I need. I normally get 2%. Yes–I go for the 100% whole wheat bread, and I buy double fiber wheat bread as well.

    Becky–We WEREN’T able to do $375, thus the survey. We HAD been at $350 and kept going over–much to Tony’s dismay. So he upped it a generous $25 per month. 🙂 We are STILL going over, so I told him I would do a survey. He’s all about information, y’all. I’m thinking we could probably make it on $425, but we’ll have to see.

  3. Do they have produce co-ops in your neck of the woods? We have a few up here, and you can get most of your fruits and veggies and oats for $1 a pound or less. And they’re organic. But you have to be able to consume a lot of produce pretty quickly, because usually they have minimums for orders.

  4. My mother-in-law was a member of a co-op long ago. Tony remembers falling asleep on a pile of bananas. . .literally. . .with a pile of banana peels next to him. He was about four at the time. It’s a wonder he didn’t get sick. Co-ops are great, but I’m not sure we COULD consume that much produce that quickly AND they require time management.

  5. I was referring to ME ‘we’, as in ‘my family, we’ spend way too much money on food. But I, too, want double-fiber wheat bread, and oh my stars we eat a lot of cheese! Denise — milk is SO less than $4/ gallon at H-E-B — or it was the last time I bought it there (week ago, maybe?) But, yeah, I’m wondering if we can talk Texaco or Exxon into fortifying Unleaded with calcium and Vitamin D since it would be way cheaper to buy gasoline than milk!

  6. Well, whether it’s the Sarah’s clan “we” or the population of the earth “we” the fact remains that to have nutritious food, you either have to grow it yourself or pay someone else to grow it for you. And double fiber wheat bread (Nature’s Own) is INCREDIBLY good for THAT much fiber. Also incredibly fibrous and good are the Fiber One granola bars (found these through Stephanie). NINE grams of fiber per bar AND chocolate chips to boot. 140 calories. YUM.

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