Happy, Happy!!!

Today is Stephanie’s birthday. . .and it’s a special one. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!!!



5 thoughts on “Happy, Happy!!!

  1. Stephanie

    Heeey! You are so sweet, and the singing message on the phone machine was just too much! Thank you. And it’s not THAT special, turning 22…. and a few.


    Spent the afternoon playing parents-on-kids soccer and having pizza for dinner on the field. A beautiful memory!

  2. I’ve really got to get my eyes checked. When I first read Stephanie’s comment I could have sworn it said ‘pants-on-kids’ soccer. I was like, “Okay, I totally missed that pants-off soccer fad.” Anyways. . . I am shocked. I totally had her pegged in the low thirties.

  3. Jennifer

    That’s the cake I want for my birthday. Will you make it for me???? Please…please…please.

    BTW, thanks for being so sweet about being stuck it he conference room with spinney chair for another week.

  4. Stephanie

    Oh, and that cake – yes! That is exactly how I feel sometimes! All lopsided (but perfectly balanced and righted up the center) with stars bursting forth from my top, and I’m sure those polka dots a symbolic representations of the chigger bites on my ankles – that STILL haven’t gone completely away yet!

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