Sometimes you’re the windshield–sometimes you’re the bug.

Moving to Arnold this year has been a wonderful thing. It has made our lives much, much easier–from getting to school each day and back home again–to running errands after school. We are able to spend just a little more time together as a family, but all of it adds up to a lot of time over the course of the year.

That being said, moving to a new campus means you have to start over. You have to get a new room settled and to your liking. You have to learn new names and faces. You have to learn how things are done there and bite your tongue when you want to say how things were done where you were before. You have to rebuild your reputation, because no matter how wonderful the interview, or references, or word of mouth, or how many years spent in education or the district, you are a newbie.

From Thursday, October 4th to Friday, October 12th these are the things that I did to make a lasting impression:

Thursday, 10/4-was late to previously scheduled meeting with the PRINCIPAL and DIRECTOR OF INSTRUCTION. . .was found by my department chair in the lounge eating a cookie. I have spent maybe 10 whole minutes of time in that lounge this entire school year. . .but there I sat on that rather important day with chocolate chips in my mouth.

Thursday, 10/4-completely SKIPPED a meeting after school that had been scheduled with the language arts and reading departments. This WAS the day of my doctor appt. for the whole cancer scare thing, so my department chair was understanding–especially since I didn’t even realize I’d missed it until sometime on Friday, 10/12.

Wednesday, 10/10-I missed my first period class due to locking my keys in my brother and sister-in-law’s car while dropping the kids off at Lamkin. Ours in the shop, so we are borrowing theirs. . .and it has weird locks. . .and I accidentally locked it rather than unlocking it but didn’t KNOW I’d locked it. . .while it was running. . .ON THE BUS RAMP. . .until it was too late. That was at 7:25. My sister-in-law finally arrived at 9:00 with another key. She had to leave work, go home, and then got stuck in traffic. All thirty odd busses had to drive AROUND the locked and idling car (WITH the a/c running and the cd player going and my diet Coke inside of it) to drop off their students. I had to face the principal of my children’s school–in half my mascara–to tell her what had happened, as well as listen to/answer/smile appropriately at all of the questions/stares/comments regarding the car that was on the bus ramp. Fun.

Wednesday, 10/10-my team leader begins asking if any of us have the economically disadvantaged (ED) list in our possession. It is a HIGHLY sensitive document that basically lists all of the poor kids in the building–which is a lot. We need to know this in case they don’t have supplies, are performing poorly, etc. There are NO copies allowed and it is to be kept in the highest confidentiality. I went through EVERY paper on my desk, but no list. I did not recall even having the list in my hands ever and assured her that it was not in my possession.

Friday, 10/12– Some time after our department meeting, I sent the following e-mail to my department chair

Point the first: I am assuming I missed the Lang./Rdng. meeting last Thurs. . .and I am so sorry. This was last Thurs. correct? Again–head TOTALLY somewhere else that day with the doctor and all. You were very sweet not to lower the boom–especially since I didn’t realize I’d missed it until today–a week and a day later.

Point the second: The ED list was found by ME in my TAKS folder. Good news is that it has been in my TAKS folder and out of the eyes of everyone (including myself) since I got it. Bad news is that I am a doofus.

Point the third AND HOPEFULLY the last: Further proof of that is the fact that I JUST NOW realized that I did not use the “new” SFA score for my kids. . .I put their ACTUAL score in my gradebook so their 1st 6 weeks grades are wrong. I am in the process NOW of putting in their new score so I can have the grade changes done if they are significant.

I would try to convince you that I’m normally not this dumb, but there is, so far, no proof to the contrary.

The whole SFA score thing? Yeah, the grades are on a curve, so we get the actual score for each kid, but we have to use the curve when we enter them in the gradebook. I put them all in last Friday, 10/5–grades were due on Monday, 10/8–didn’t realize that I’d made this MONUMENTAL MISTAKE until this past Friday, 10/12. I now have to send home letters to the parents of about 70 kids whose averages changed–albeit by only a point or so for the better–as well as turning in grade change forms for each of those children to the counselor’s secretary who will then have to change each grade by hand.

I would say I’m making quite the indelible impression. Wouldn’t you?

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes you’re the windshield–sometimes you’re the bug.

  1. Wow. Well, it can only get better from there. It will just make it a pleasant surprise, when at the end of the year all of your students are reading phenomenally better than they were at the beginning of the year. 🙂 And hey, you won’t get sucked into heading up too many committees!

  2. Whew! That’s exactly the kind of week that I would cap with a glass (or two) of shiraz!

    Well, tomorrow is Monday. A Fresh Start. Go to bed early – so says I.

  3. Oh Roxanne! This is too much! It’s like sitcom that you watch and say, “Now that could never happen to her in one week.” While I was reading, I kept having that song “You Had a Bad Day” go through my head. It’s all good stuff after this week, I’m sure!

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