So things have been a little busy. . .I’m sure it is the same with you. I am dreaming of a week where I can come home from school, cook dinner, do laundry, grade papers, put the kids to bed, watch some PBS and go to sleep. This has not been happening without several other things lined up before it. This week is the same.

Kerrie’s daughter, Laura, is still the same. They finally got her fitted for a halo to hold her neck still during possible surgeries. They have started giving her larger doses of pain medication so they can remove her breathing tubes. They want her to breathe on her own–and she can–but to do that, she will have to take very deep breaths, and she has broken ribs. They are hoping by upping the pain meds, she will go ahead and breathe deeply on her own. They have not yet done any of the surgeries they need to do. Kerrie is still home in bed. The longer the days go by, the more bruising seems to show up. Ethan is going back to school tomorrow, but Kerrie said he is not doing well. I spoke to her earlier this evening, because we are taking food on Tuesday. She heard Ethan earlier today. He called his mother’s cell phone and left a message asking her to please come home. Right now, Ethan needs as many or more prayers as anyone else.

Tony’s big Gala is this Thursday. Victoria had a Build-A-Bear party to attend about a week ago, so I took advantage of my trip to the mall and went shopping. I am wearing a shirt and skirt that I already own–but I got some new (cheap) shoes


and and new (cheap) jewelry to wear–although mine is more of an antique silver than this shiny white silver

so I am good to go. I have a haircut scheduled for Wednesday, and if I can find even two seconds this week, I would dearly love to have a pedicure–even though you won’t see my toes.

While at the mall, I spent as much on this item as I did on the shoes alone or the jewelry alone


to keep this Smell of Christmas phenomena from happening again. I was looking for something in a red or a green, but this was THE scent–so gold it is. We will have appropriate seasonal smells, dadgummit.

I even threw caution to the wind and purchased one of these fancy schmancy gee-gaws to go atop it.


Bring on the holidays!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Hello

  1. You know, sometimes you just HAVE TO throw caution to the wind and get an occasional gee-gaw!

    I love the shoes – and the gorgeous necklace – very very pretty, and had you said you bought them at Neiman’s I would have believed you. Very nice! You will SHINE at the gala 🙂

    Thanks for the update on Laura. I’m with her son, Ethan. Get better very soon and hurry home, Laura.

  2. Gala? Did I miss something? I gather you get to wear fancy shoes and jewelry and bring a date (or be the date?). So yay! We’ll keep praying for Laura and Ethan and the family. That’s so, so hard.

  3. Ooh, and I just went to a Gold Canyon Candles party and ordered some yummy spicy pumpkin pie tea lights for all my tea light holders, so we also shall have appropriate seasonal smells, dadgummit!

  4. Let me clarify first that it does NOT smell like Indian Corn. . .it actually smells like really good spice cake, heavy on the cloves. It’s not so much a food smell as a spices-you-use-in-food smell. I highly recommend it.

  5. That lid topper is supposed to keep the candle from smoking- I think. It doesn’t work like the patch, though…
    Keep us updated about your friends. I have been thinking about them.

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