Gumption is a word that is near and dear to my heart. I LOVE me some Gumption. . .but in my world it is a flighty thing, Gumption.

There are times when Gumption inhabits every fiber of my being, and I am filled with it’s gumptiony goodness. Laundry still warm from the bodies of my loved ones is sorted, washed, folded FRESH FROM THE DRYER, and placed in waiting drawers at lightning speed. Dishes cannot even develop a dried crust from the foods having just been consumed from their surfaces before they find themselves stacked in the dishwasher. The pantry is resplendent with healthy, organized staples and dry goods all waiting to be thrown into tasty meals. Seasonal decor can be found brightening the flat, clean surfaces of my home.

There are times when Gumption goes on the lamb. I lie slug-like on the couch. . .or sit upright slug-like in front of the computer for hours. Trash collects around me. I count the number of days until laundry HAS to be done by how many clean pairs of underwear are left in everyone’s drawer. (Yes–I fold the underwear at my house. . .I’ve addressed this before.) I drown my sorrowful Gumption missing self in Diet Coke and Premium crackers. It’s a sad time folks.

Right now the slump is so serious that I haven’t even sat in front of the computer. I’ve composed nothing. I’ve written nothing. . .although I HAVE made two power point presentations for my department for school. I gaze at the mayhem about me and wonder (for the MILLIONTH TIME), “How did we come to this?” “When will the health department come and whisk the children away?” “GuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMppppppppppppption. . .where AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU???”

By this time last year my Christmas shopping was done. This year–not so much. I have wonderful goals and aspirations. . .that lie in heaps on my disgustingly filthy carpet. It’s sad when you have to cancel the housekeeper twice in one month because she couldn’t do much good even if you let her in the door. I find my ability to lasso and keep Gumption happy and home is in direct relation to what time I, myself, arrive home on any given day and how much sleep comes with that. Lately we haven’t gotten home before 5:00, and even if we do, we normally have to leave again at Some Point to go Somewhere. Today is not so bad. . .we’ve been invited to an impromptu birthday party for the kid across the street. He needs a friend. . .and asks my kids to come and play more than they can or do. So Thad and I will forego the soccer game at 2:00 to attend Cody’s party. It will help not to have leave home. . .except to go and get a gift. . .and then cross the street.

See what I’m sayin’?

But maybe Gumption is on its way back home. At least I wrote something today.


6 thoughts on “Gumption

  1. I think it’s exhaustion, not lack-of-gumption. We all have finite amounts of gumption. If you spend all of yours being teacher and mom, then housekeeping gumption is gone. And, like Stephanie, I would like to point out that you don’t live in that house alone or pile up trash by yourself. You have two able-bodied slaves/ children, as well as an able-bodied spouse. Everyone working together for just 10 minutes would be 40 minutes of work-time, and would probably vastly improve one room and perhaps even your gumption level. My spouse is finally starting to realize that loving me (“filling my love bank”, a phrase I LOATHE but communicates ever-so-clearly to hubster) = honoring my home. Lord willin’, my kids will figure it out before they move out.

  2. Well, I was wondering what ever became of Roxanne! I can so relate to the ups and downs of the desk/laundry/kitchen messes, and the corresponding dearth or abundance of motivation (as it’s known in this house) that causes or prevents them. It’s a sad cycle. Where is your Flylady sticker? Look her in the eyes. If you listen, you can almost hear her saying, “I believe in you, Roxanne! You can do it! Every little home blessing counts! You can do anything for fifteen minutes!” And as Sarah and Stephanie have already hinted, so can anyone else who happens to be running around the house! 😉 Not to mention that there’s always an imaginary sibling handy, I hear.

  3. Yes, Gumption came waltzing through the door at 2:55 p.m. today just as I awoke from my afternoon nap–just in time for me to go back to work tomorrow. At least I have a job. And a lot of clean laundry now.

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