Looky what I can do. . .

I have figured out how to fiddle with photos on my computer. Although I didn’t save the “originals” so that you could see than changes–we don’t have enough disk space. I got my inspiration to sally forth into the land of photo messin’ from Stephanie (who told me I could LONG ago) and Pioneer Woman (who holds amazing tutorials on her website. . .along with some cardiac arrest inducing recipes and a great love story about the whirlwind romance of she and her husband that will remind you of how the butterflies felt–seriously, y’all, I love and adore my husband. . .and from time to time I am caught off guard by his incredibly blue eyes and broad shoulders and get a little “elevator in the gut” feeling. . .but this story is an EXTREME reminder of how those first date/new love butterflies felt. I got goosebumps. All the posts are at the link. Start at the bottom and work your way up.)

All that to say that I have enjoyed fiddling with the color balance and brightness and contrast on some REALLY bad photos I took with the digital camera that is at my school. The photos were seriously dark–not my fault–so I waded and in and fiddled and fiddled and came out with some still bad photos–but at least you can identify faces in them. The reason I have them is because I am in charge of making 5 power point lessons on Service for our advisory classes at school. I am focusing on all the adults in our building that serve us. . .and how. . .and what the kids can do to serve them. Hence, the following photos.

A school bus.

The girls’ restroom on my hallway.

Gum on the bottom of a table in Tony’s science room.

The photo of my husband I could not find when I wrote THIS post. . .

And now I’ve spent way too much of Gumption’s time sitting here fiddling some more. . .but it was fun!


8 thoughts on “Looky what I can do. . .

  1. ACK! You can’t link to juicy real-life love stories in the daylight hours like that! How long have I been sitting here???

    And wow. I’ve never seen such a pretty school bathroom in my life!

  2. Isn’t it just THE best? It’s so totally real. . .and just how it is. . .those whirlwind romances (of which mine most definitely was. . .with someone as unlikely for me as Marlboro Man was for her–but OH THE SPARKS!!!!!!) It really makes you feel it again–and after 16 years of togetherness and 14 1/2 years of marriage, that takes some doin’.

  3. Jennifer

    well, i have made it through a week with no tears (that’s a good sign), and i located your spinny chairs (that’s a better sign).

  4. I am impressed! And your project sounds like a fun creative break in the usual routine?! Is there a trick to seeing the full size version of the pictures?

    I’ve peeked over at Pioneer woman, and all I can say is “A STICK AND A HALF OF BUTTER???!”

  5. Oh, Tifty. Surely you of all people can appreciate the marvelous virtues of too much butter! You can make gingerbread muffins and snickerdoodles and pepparkakor! The butter is in you. You must let it out!

  6. You are absolutely right. And I ONLY use butter, (and REAL whipped cream – that chemical abomination alternative should be outlawed!) and I do very much appreciate the divine virtues of the REAL stuff…. but a STICK AND A HALF? Okay – granted, it goes into 5 POUNDS of potatoes, so it makes a little more sense 🙂

    I am also impressed by the sheer number of photos that woman snaps while cooking/baking, and then the time it takes to format and upload and write her posts – and then the time she takes to shop, care for her kids, take more pictures, and love on her M.M. >> when does she sleep?!!

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