Photopalooza Potpourri Buffet *NOW WITH PHOTO EDITING SKILLZ*

So Tony got a digital cameral through a science grant thing. It’s for teachers to use while out and about to take photos of science in action. He’s been doing that–and I’ve been doing some photo taking myself. We finally got them downloaded, so I give you. . .

Photopalooza Potpourri Buffet

The Man of My Dreams

A Very Cute Boy Who is Proud of His Homework and Loves His Momma

The Boy’s First Day of Kindergarten

4th Grade Here She Comes

Two Cute Kids and Two Chickens

Two Cute Kids on a Couch

AND That Bathroom That Becky Found so Amazing

Speaking of that Bathroom, you WOULD NOT BELIEVE all the things that have taken place in stall number one this week. Oh. My. Goodness. I won’t go into details, but let’s say that permanent markers and cell phones were involved. Being RIGHT across from the bathroom is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be.

TOMORROW: We will take a look at Victoria’s hair.

I know you canNOT wait.

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3 thoughts on “Photopalooza Potpourri Buffet *NOW WITH PHOTO EDITING SKILLZ*

  1. You guys are all so beautiful. 🙂 And your grass looks so green! Did you photoshop that green?? I’m assuming so.

    You should inform your students that they had better be grateful for clean, tiled floors and real, locking stall doors. Precious commodities, I’m telling you.

  2. I am proud to announce that the grass was, indeed, THAT green after our wet, wet summer–it was taken back in early September. That and the loving ministrations of my husband over his yard. I think I messed with the brightness and contrast on that one some (which is pretty much all I can do right now). I currently do not have Photoshop, so my skill acquisition is limited.

    I have been in MANY school bathrooms and this one DOES take the cake. They added part of this wing when they remodeled the 50 year old building, so it’s really nice. It goes all the way through to the other hallway with doors on each end. The kids take it for granted that school restrooms are nice. I guess that’s why the spoiled, little creeps wrote on the walls and used the toilet to throw away someone’s cell phone–along with other things.

  3. I can see clearly now!
    Oh you are all so gorgeous! Victoria has her Mama’s lovely locks, and Thad in his cowboy boots looks like a real Texas boy! Have you a copy of the old classic by Joan Walsh Anglund, The Brave Cowboy? (You have to find one of the original publications, the newer ones have been “politically corrected.” Anyway, Z was a cowboys boots wearing little kid until he grew out of them around age 6 (and we never seemed to get around to buy a new pair) and he was just like that boy in the book. I am thinking Thad probably is too 🙂

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