No Adult Thanksgiving

A friend of mine from school who is a few years my senior was telling me about her upcoming Thanksgiving. Her dad and stepmom weren’t coming in for some reason, and her brother’s mother and father-in-law weren’t coming in for some reason. As it turned out it was just going to be her with her husband and kids, her brother with his wife and kids, and her sister.

Upon discovering this, my mid-40-ish friend said to her brother, “Hey! There won’t be any adults at Thanksgiving!!!!” It was still hanging in a word bubble above her head when she realized exactly how that statement sounded.

Well, unbeknowst to us a nasty bacterial infection was plotting a No Adult Thanksgiving for us as well. My mother and father-in-law got REALLY sick during the night and were unable to come to Thanksgiving. . .which was supposed to be held in their home.

So it got moved to ours.

We had a great time. Victoria bedecked every non-moving surface with silk autumnal leaves, and I pulled out my inherited depression glass.


My mother-in-law already had the turkey and stuffing ready to go, so she staggered to her kitchen and stuck it in the oven. Someone stopped and picked it up on the way. We all ate too much. We played lots of games. A couple of us got a nap. We were thankful for each other and the bounty set before us.

I love Thanksgiving.

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6 thoughts on “No Adult Thanksgiving

  1. Okay, I’m a little freaked out! I, too, that Depression Glass and I’ve never seen it anywhere else! I also inherited it’s brother -the same glass in red…

    Why I have it – I don’t know. It was in a box in my Grandmother’s barn for years. Did I get it from my mom? I suppose.

    I can’t stop looking at it……

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