This Little Piggy Went to Louisiana

We have returned home from our Christmas sojourn. . .well, home. It took us seven hours to get there (a new best time with children) and TEN hours to get back thanks to some highway hijinks with a horse trailer and a semi. I have now become more intimately acquainted with the trees, asphalt, concrete, …

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The Advent of the Sunday Leg

Imagine if you will a 68 year old bald-headed man with one leg. He is trying to get some exercise after his recent surgery, and when he goes too long without "wearing" his leg, it hurts him. He is clothed in a pair of "Sunday pants" and wearing "Sunday shoes." This is because when the …

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Daddy has surgery today to put a stint into a blockage that had developed from his bypass surgery in 2004. When I spoke to Momma earlier, he was resting and feeling good. Thanks for all your prayers.