This Little Piggy Went to Louisiana

We have returned home from our Christmas sojourn. . .well, home. It took us seven hours to get there (a new best time with children) and TEN hours to get back thanks to some highway hijinks with a horse trailer and a semi. I have now become more intimately acquainted with the trees, asphalt, concrete, tar puddles, and “wake up” bumps on I-20 West between the Choudrant/Sibley exit and Ruston than I dreamed possible. At one point we just turned the car off and sat.

But now we are home, and I am clean, and while I was looking in the mirror at my forlorn face before showering, I was struck by this thought.

If God knows the number of hairs on my head, that means he knows the number of hairs on my chin too.

I will let that be an encouragement to me when I despair.

Sometime this week, photos of where I grew up as well as the two funniest signs between here home and there home.

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