I am. . .

. . .alive. I promise. I’m also back in school. I am trying to stay off the computer some. And my brain hurts a little too. But I’m still here.

And I’m teaching my new “non English speaker” class which isn’t as hard as it sounds since they are VERY polite. . .polite as in one of them said upon leaving class yesterday in his broken English, “It was a pleasure to meet you.” I’ve not heard THAT in several years and NEVER from a student. I just about melted. I have students from Mexico, Colombia, Chad, China, El Salvador, and Hawaii (his native language is Marshalese). I’m having to explain words like “barn” and “snot.” After trying to explain barn for awhile today I pulled up a photo on Wikipedia. You KNOW they understand when you hear the collective, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. . .” rising from the ranks. I am reading Snot Stew by Bill Wallace to them. If you’ve not read it before, the icky title is a misunderstood phrase that the kitten (who is the narrator) hears her “people” playing–a brother and sister. They LOVE to play Snot Stew. . .”Is not. . .Is too. . .Is not. . .Is too. . .’s not. . .’s too. . .’s not. . .
‘s too. . .snot. . .stoo. . .snot. . .stoo. . .” The kitten loves to eat leftover REAL stew, so she is a little confused as to how it can be both a food AND a game.

One kid who speaks Spanish was in the restroom when I was explaining the title. At that point there were only Spanish speakers in class. I had them tell me the words in Spanish–sopa de moco–although I may have mispelled it. So when the kid came back I said, “Tell him the name of the book in Spanish.” One kid VERY shyly said, “Sopa de moco.” And the one who’d just heard it said, “YUCK!!!” I guess yuck is the same in English and Spanish.

Anyway–you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a room of very eager, polite students repeat EVERY word you explain to them IN UNISON–including “snot”–as though it were a very important word indeed.

Daddy is doing okay–finally felt like getting out and going somewhere the other day. He is not one to stay home, but home he has stayed for the last two weeks. He had a doctor’s appt. today and when he got there he said the same thing to the doctor that I said to you.”Well, I’m alive.” To which the doctor replied, “I’m glad your wife didn’t bring you here dead–not much I can do for that.” Mom sounds tired–concerned–about what will come next–there is another appointment on Monday and another the middle of the month.

That’s it. Alive. Brain pain. Trying to keep up with your bloggies. Time to fold towels.


2 thoughts on “I am. . .

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re still ticking. : ) We’re praying for your daddy and your mom. And I so wish I could meet some of your precious international students. Thank you for introducing them in your bloggy way. I miss them. I know you are a blessing to them as they are to you. You have an amazing job there.

  2. My prayers are being said as I write this note. I don’t know about waiting being good Roxanne, but I’ll take your word for it. I hope you are holding out ok my heart and warm wishes are for your Daddy, your family and your firends. Love and kisses… xxxooo

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