Harold Eugene Watts

My Daddy, Harold Eugene Watts, went home to be with God and a host of others who were happy to see him at about 6:30 this evening. He was a wonderful man–a giant of a man–and he lived a wonderful, giant life. Thank you for showing your love for him by loving me.


Fast. . .

Momma sent me home for a few hours so I could wash clothes and see my children. I’m glad I came, ’cause it smells like a dog in here, and we don’t OWN a dog.


Daddy had a pretty rough patch yesterday–something akin to seizures, but it was determined by a neurologist today that it was not, in fact, seizures but just the rapid plummet of his heart rate and blood pressure due to his natural need to cough after they removed his breathing tube. He looked B A D last night–really, really, really bad–but he looked better when I saw him at 11:00.

He is on stand-by to be re-intubated should the need arise and is also on stand-by for dialysis. He is making very slow but very consistent progress, so they are just keeping a very close eye on him to see if he appears to be losing ground. The intubation and dialysis would be more to give him a little boost over the hump rather than as drastic measures to save his life.

He is awake and aware some of the time we are in there–he recognizes us and can move everything on command AND still knows who the current President of the United States is though the date and day of the week get fuzzy since Tuesday is the last day he remembers.

Momma is doing well–I’m making sure she eats–we keep the phone lines tied up after visits to let everyone know how he’s doing. She is, in fact, in with him right now as 2:00 is a visiting time and it’s 2:08, so I expect a call from her soon.

Off to cook my family a meal, wash some jeans, and fumigate the house before going back to the hospital later tonight.


So, Daddy got bumped today by someone even more critical than is he. . .which is pretty critical. Then the surgeries took awhile and long story short, we got bumped to tomorrow. . .which is Tuesday. . .Keep the prayers coming, please.


Such a tiny, little word–hope–but it makes all the difference in the world.

Thousands of years ago one of the writers of Proverbs said , “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

Thecardiologist who was assigned to Daddy caused such dismay earlier in the week. But when he visited my father today he said, “Sir, I’ll tell you a secret. Dr. Lawrie (the surgeon) turns lots of patients like you down. But he feels that you can make it. You are vibrant. You have a good attitude. And you WANT to live.”

So my father sounded and looked better tonight than he has in several days.


Apples of gold.

Settings of silver.

I need to remember that my words can change someone’s despair to hope. . .or their hope to despair.

Still no time for the surgery on Monday. I’ll post it as soon as I know.

Surgery Scheduled for Monday

Well, after some ups and downs we have a date. Daddy’s surgery is scheduled for Monday sometime. . .I’m sure we will get a more definite time before then. Again, thank you for all of your prayers so far and please keep ’em coming. The odds on the surgery are good–90% chance of success–but it will be a very long recovery after. This surgeon is THE BEST according to several people whom I trust, so we are so glad and grateful that Daddy was able to get him.

Hope your own hearts were blessed today. . .and just to keep us heart health, how about a little laughter. You have GOT to go over to “Bringing Up Daisy” and see THIS YouTube that she has as a link. I dare you not to get some exercise from laughing along with this little tike. I have watched it more than once. It’s good for you.

Well. . .

. . .just got back not too long ago from seeing Daddy. Tony, the kids, and I set out after school, met my brother at McDonald’s for some dinner, then spent about an hour and a half with Momma and Daddy. Both of them are doing good. I am so glad they are here. Have I said that before?

No surgery scheduled yet–I’m thinking we’ll know by tomorrow when it will be. Today was a couple of ultrasounds, and x-ray, and an EKG. Thank you for the prayers. I feel the peace of God surrounding us. We have laughed and visited and enjoyed each other’s company so much. . .and they’ve not even been here 24 hours.

It is good.

Well, Momma and Daddy and Hal arrived here in Houston at 11:43 p.m. It is now 2:38 a.m., and I’m home from helping to get them settled in the hospital and Hal at my in-laws. I am glad my brother got to bring them. I am glad they are here. God is faithful in all things, and it is good.

2:40 a.m. addendum. . .Evidently some bird outside our house thinks it’s good too, because it is not only the “dead of winter” but also the “dead of night” and it is singing and chirping for all it’s little birdy worth. Right outside my bedroom window. Loudly.