Just Around the Corner

Spring is springing here in southeast Texas. It does this every year. It’s very early February, yet the peach trees are blooming and the cicadas and grasshoppers and crickets are singing for all they’re worth. I went for a walk tonight under a beautiful sunset with a gentle breeze blowing.

Of course winter is not yet over, but everything is poking its head out for a nice, long look around. If tradition holds, we will have at least one–possibly two more freezes. Last year it snowed Easter weekend in Dallas. We were wearing coats over our new light colored gauzy dresses. With Easter so early this year, it will probably be the same.

Either way, we’ve had lovely weather this week–glad to be alive kind of weather. I hope it’s nice where you are, and if it’s not, take heart. Spring is on the way.


2 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner

  1. That sounds nice, but I have to admit, as much as I love spring, I’m not ready for it yet. Our frosty foggy sunrise orange mornings are beautiful too 🙂

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Our high today is below zero. (It was -14 on the thermometer when we left for church this morning.) Spring feels very far away right now. It’s good to know it’s happening somewhere.

    Where’s global warming wen I need it?

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