We have a hospital

So he’s coming to Methodist Hospital either tomorrow or Tuesday as far as we know. From what Momma said tonight, they will transport him by ambulance. . .but I hope that’s wrong, ’cause that is gonna be a LONG, LONG ride. Ugh.

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4 thoughts on “We have a hospital

  1. Really?! They could at least get a helicopter. I hope they don’t have to drive all that way in an ambulance. But I’m glad it’s moving along. We’ll be praying.

  2. We are praying. I’m glad that they will be closer to you. Have they checked with the flight service that is provided by volunteer pilots in the area? Craig Gregory was/is one of the pilots – and an OCS alum. Maybe that would help!

  3. My rose colored glasses are on… and the first thing that popped into my mind was the image of him pushing your momma in the wheel chair down a hospital hallway, and then I thought, “Take a picture of him when you go see him!!” Because I am all up in hopes that the trip and the procedure and the healing goes without a hitch 🙂 Sending love and good vibes, and certainly prayers.

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