Fast. . .

Momma sent me home for a few hours so I could wash clothes and see my children. I’m glad I came, ’cause it smells like a dog in here, and we don’t OWN a dog.


Daddy had a pretty rough patch yesterday–something akin to seizures, but it was determined by a neurologist today that it was not, in fact, seizures but just the rapid plummet of his heart rate and blood pressure due to his natural need to cough after they removed his breathing tube. He looked B A D last night–really, really, really bad–but he looked better when I saw him at 11:00.

He is on stand-by to be re-intubated should the need arise and is also on stand-by for dialysis. He is making very slow but very consistent progress, so they are just keeping a very close eye on him to see if he appears to be losing ground. The intubation and dialysis would be more to give him a little boost over the hump rather than as drastic measures to save his life.

He is awake and aware some of the time we are in there–he recognizes us and can move everything on command AND still knows who the current President of the United States is though the date and day of the week get fuzzy since Tuesday is the last day he remembers.

Momma is doing well–I’m making sure she eats–we keep the phone lines tied up after visits to let everyone know how he’s doing. She is, in fact, in with him right now as 2:00 is a visiting time and it’s 2:08, so I expect a call from her soon.

Off to cook my family a meal, wash some jeans, and fumigate the house before going back to the hospital later tonight.

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9 thoughts on “Fast. . .

  1. I’m remembering that you knew all along that the recovery would be difficult. But I also know what a fighter your dad is. Squeeze his hand for me. Glad it wasn’t officially a seizure. Praying that he keeps fighting — I don’t keep up with what day it is too well, either — and most days who is currently president doesn’t make too big a hill of beans of difference anyway!

  2. I am going back into town to see him for the 10:00 p.m. visit–Momma said that the surgeon came in to see him during the 6:00 p.m. visit and was joking with him. The surgeon said, “Remember. . .you asked for this,” and Daddy held up four fingers, because the surgeon had told him he would be in for four rough days after the surgery. That is a great sign since it shows he remembered who the surgeon was AND he remembered what he had told him.

    He is a fighter. More than one nurse has commented on how strong he is.

  3. When parents are in the hospital, it’s like it consumes your world; everything sort of stops. You have to let things go at home, and you miss the normalcy of being with your kids, but you know that this is where you need to be for a while. It’s always tricky looking after the healthy parent while the other is hospitalized, too. I feel for ya.

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