Harold Eugene Watts

My Daddy, Harold Eugene Watts, went home to be with God and a host of others who were happy to see him at about 6:30 this evening. He was a wonderful man–a giant of a man–and he lived a wonderful, giant life. Thank you for showing your love for him by loving me.

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19 thoughts on “Harold Eugene Watts

  1. My prayers go out to you and your family. From what I understand, your dad was a tremendous Christian man, and while the loss is hard, he is now able to be with our Father in Heaven.

    I love you.

  2. Harold left some really big footprints on this earth. I admired him greatly.

    May God grant you and your family His peace, and may these days be filled with warm memories of a gentle giant.

    Mignon told your mom – if you need overflow space for company, our house is available.

    We love you bunches, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

  3. My dearest Roxanne, my heart reaches out to you. I pray that God comforts your Mama with his love and that he gives you the strength to get through the days that fill you with grief. Feel the joy in knowing that your Daddy shared his love with all and that his love for you will forever be with you.

  4. Roxanne, I have not had the privilege of meeting you, nor did I meet your dad. Your mom was at Forsythe recently and I did get to meet her. I’m sorry that I’m not in Monroe to attend services … but there are many there that are praying for you and yours. God bless you with His comfort and peace.

    John Dobbs

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