Puffiness and other hazzards of life

Okay. . .so, after I left school and went to my gynecologist yesterday, she called and made an appointment with an internist to see why I resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. I keep looking around the corner for Ghost Busters in their hearse. The edema, it is persistent. I ran out of my “water pills” on Saturday because that is all the doctor prescribed, then I called and made an appt. with by ob-gyn on Monday and saw her yesterday, and she made my appt. for today.

The swelling is infiltrating everything as now my left hand somewhat resembles the claw of a Gulf Coast blue crab. No lie. The dr. yesterday did not prescribe anything so the dr. today could see me in all of my puffy glory. . .but I will beg and plead to be relieved of some of this today as I am beginning to swish when I walk.

In other news, the state of Texas, in their infinite wisdom has hog-tied my district. In 2006 after many, many failed attempts to come to an agreement regarding school finance, they froze the spending cap per student at the 2006 amount spent per kid. That very same year, my district, in an attempt to be fiscally frugal and save tax payer dollars, spent LESS per student than in the several previous years. And that is where the state froze us. . .nevermind our intent. Therefore, out of 81 districts in the area, we are #81 on the payroll per student–some districts bordering us getting between $700 and $900 more PER STUDENT PER YEAR. Which led our district to a $24 MILLION dollar short fall which means that SAME amount of jobs must be cut/reabsorbed/reallocated. Mine being one of them. Because I changed schools last year.

That being said, I am now an 8th grade language arts teacher. The irony being that even though I’ve never taught 8th grade language arts. . .and even though I’ve not taught ANY language arts in the past 10 years, the state considers me highly qualified to teach it–but not highly qualified to teach what I’ve been teaching for the past five years–with much documentable success on the state’s big ‘ole test I might add.

So. I’m swishing. And I very nearly had to leave my school, but my principal worked extra hard to get me a job there–for which I’m highly qualified according to the state so they don’t get their panties in a twist over who knows what.

And now, it’s time for me to go. And I have a job. And I have a wonderful husband. And healthy children. And the money and physical ability to go to the doctor today–although I may drown on my way there. I am trying to be positive knowing that God is in control and watching out for me and “making a way where there seems to be no way” and that my light and momentary troubles are much lighter than many, many other people’s today. I am counting my blessings, and swishing, and needing your prayers to FEEL the positive attitude I am trying to SHOW. đŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Puffiness and other hazzards of life

  1. Oh, honey. I hope you got deflated today. At least a bit. And with all the idiocy going around the public schools here, and apparently there too, I would still be positively flabbergasted if any school anywhere let you go. I think I would have to give up any shred of hope I might have previously clung to regarding the future of our nation. Amen and amen.

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