Just ’cause

Today over at Faster Than Kudzu, Joshilyn Jackson referred to herself and another author as this:

“. . .we were both as twitchy as coked-up squirrels over it. She was worried she would get light headed and faint, which is at least a LADYLIKE way to panic. I, meanwhile, was threatening to vomit.”

The image of a “coked-up squirrel” immediately brought to mind a song from my childhood.

Growing up in the very, very rural south, I was privy to all sorts of cultural advances like “Hee Haw” and only two radio stations. . .AM radio stations. Hot humid evenings spent weeding the garden while Daddy shot black birds who were eating the cattle feed–well, that was entertainment. That and some cold watermelon. Anyway–here are a couple of You Tube videos featuring Ray Stevens–an artist of my youth as much as Buck Owens and Jerry Clower. If you’ve not every heard “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” it is just plain silliness–but funny silliness. And his version of “Misty” is one of my favorite songs ever.

So get yourself some culture. . .and eat a slice of watermelon for me.

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival



2 thoughts on “Just ’cause

  1. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about him! My dad used to play MSR at church functions in Mississippi sometimes. I think he even played it in Ojai once, long ago. We just had a Ray Stevens youtube festival with the kids. “Sitting Up with the Dead” used to get played every Halloween at my school, too!

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