There are wonderful, horrible, sad, joyful things going on in the world at this very moment. Of this I am sure. . .and I am aware of some of them--both good and bad. But here is a list of trivial things that will neither effect nor change the world. . .it's just the view from …

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I am a wimp.

This afternoon on the way home from school, I saw that gas at our corner station was $3.78. Then coming home from taking Thad and Victoria to Tony's parents' house for the night (we have a work day tomorrow), I saw that it was $3.85-$3.87 elsewhere. Which made $3.78 look like a bargain. So while …

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Just wanted to clarify that the kitchen I showed you in my last post is the LOOK we're going for . . .not our ACTUAL kitchen, though I thank you all for your congratulatory e-mails on such a great kitchen. Below are ACTUAL photos of what our kitchen and living room will look like. This …

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