Happy Mother’s Day

This is an emotional Mother’s Day for me. I am emotional to begin with, but I am on the verge of tears every second. . .probably due to a collision of the day and some hormones and this incredibly overwhelming year. My own mother is far away, and I am not with her. My brother and sister will be the ones to sit beside her in church and give her a corsage. I will be with my own kids, and that is the way Momma wants it.

Victoria and Thad (and Tony) brought me breakfast in bed along with many, many cards. Thad, in the book he made at school, has me at 25 feet and 25 pounds. Victoria’s said, “You’re the best mom the world has ever known.” Of course, neither Thad’s nor Victoria’s claims are true, but for today we can pretend they are.

Happy Mother’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I THOUGHT you were looking excessively tall and thin lately! 🙂 Too cute…

    I got a homemade breakfast as well that was really yummy if you eat what it was — which I generally don’t, so I made an exception. I also got a box of some of my favorite candy — pre-opened…

  2. Jennifer

    If it makes you feel any better, I had my few crying moments because I wasn’t with my mother yesterday, and it’s not looking promising that I’ll get to be one. But, hey, give me a good dose of anything sad, and I will always cry.

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