My friend is having a pink and white and fruit and dessert filled birthday tea party for the girl in her house along with some of her friends. They are at the bewitching age where “tea parties” are still fun, but must be “real.” So in honor of them. Enjoy these equally girly images. They are enough to make my heart sing.


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2 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. I am now convinced. When you do go on that international trip, maybe it will be just you and Victoria, for her 16th biorthday present, perhaps, I would say ENGLAND would be the destination of choice. Either there, or somewhere in eastern Candada. No. England. Definitely. Book now, at a rural village B&B, with a garden in which you will have your breakfast each morning, served in pretty porcelain dishes. You may even discover how delicious hot tea really is 🙂

  2. Funny that you say that, because I have long wanted to go to eastern Canada and visit Prince Edward Island AND also visit England so I can go walk around Staffordshire and gaze at all of the blue and white pottery.

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