New Furniture Smell

The great things about building a new house is that you get to buy (some) new furniture. The bad thing about building OUR new house, is that our CURRENT house has quickly become a storage unit. We’re not moving until December, but as we find bargains on things we really want, we’ve been buying.

Today we weren’t even SHOPPING for a sofa and THREE chairs, but low and behold if we didn’t end up with all of that. . .and a bag of chips. . .or really a basket of chips ’cause we had Mexican food for lunch.

Unfortunately, Macy’s won’t let me copy and paste any photos, so the ones I have are dinky. If you want to see them larger and zoom around on them, you will have to click a little.

We weren’t particularly PLANNING on a green sofa and matching chair, but boy, oh, boy, we managed to arrive when they put the “floor model” pair on sale for 75% off. Too good to pass up. You can click here then click on the photo to see our major living room purchase. We got the solid couch and solid chair. The matching green and white damask was LOVELY and TUFTED but hard as all get out.

Very comfy as the foam forms are wrapped in feathers and down–probably from Martha’s very own chickens.

Then to add a little “punch” to our green, we bought two of these as “side chairs” but they are REALLY recliners and oh. . .sooooooooooooo comfy. Not too big–very pretty. These are Lane.

And ALSO on “extra” off.

We have a mirror similar to this but not exactly like it–some “distressing” that picks up on the green in the couch and chair.

Yea for sales. And shopping. And green and tapestry and down. This will be our “nice” furniture. . .the no eating or drinking on furniture which is new for us. . .but our old stuff will go in the gameroom where we can eat and drink to our hearts’ content. Meanwhile, it will take up residence in a real, live storage unit until we get the floors re-shod and the walls re-painted. Then, once the house is on the market, it will dress up our current living room so as to sale this place toot sweet (hopefully) while the other stuff takes a breather in the storage unit.

Oh my. We have a lot of work to do.

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7 thoughts on “New Furniture Smell

  1. So pretty! I’m drooling. I really want a new couch (ours are so bad they’re currently slip-covered), but Griff say “no” until the kids start treating the furniture better. Sigh…


  2. Ah, new furniture smell. Soon new house smell. With a house big enough for family visits and a tea parlor, you are primed for being a first-class grandma’ someday 😉 The furniture certainly looks comfy, and I do like the mossy green color.

    Rhonda, I’ve got at least two tips on how to get new furniture, and maybe even a complete home make-over 😉
    1. involves a new puppy
    2. involves a mercury thermometer

  3. Oh, Roxanne I do miss you. It is great to “hear” you through your words. I can almost hear your voice as I read. What great furniture. I am happy about your house. We bought land about 5 years ago but, alas, will have to wait to build, at least until we get Brandon into college…he is a high school senior next year…boo hoo.

    Glad to hear you are being kind to yourself, even if just a little. Glad the Lasix is working. Take care.

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