Happy, Happy Colors for our House

Over the past two weeks we’ve had to “pick colors” for our new house. The people who build houses find that cream, cream, beige, tan, cream, and beige seem to be THE *H*O*T* color choices when it comes to home decor.

I digress.

We had to pick colors. We were expected to do this in two hours. Paint, carpet, tile, wood, granite, countertops, doors, trim, interior, exterior. . .and seeing as how we began planning this house, oh, 15 years ago, and we actually began attempting to save to build it 3 years ago, and now we are finally GETTING to build it, we needed a leeeeeetle more than two hours.

I took myself to their “design studio” the Saturday before our “color” appointment to see what there was to see. I was there FOUR hours, y’all. FOUR. Then we BLAZED through color selections on the day of our appointment with their designer and Tony and I went back LAST Saturday to finish picking paint (alone) and spent another FOUR hours then. This was AFTER I’d gone to the cabinet maker to see if they could get white cabinets for my kitchen, and painted 12 sheets of posterboard with four different shades of blue, one pink, and one green, AND spent the past 15 years ripping pages out of magazines, a GAZILLION hours online looking at granite and kitchens and bathroom and paint and furniture, and just generally THINKING about our house.

I told my friend that buying our couch and chairs was like getting married. Once you say “I do” to the green couch and red tapestry chairs your choices regarding what goes into that “marriage” are somewhat limited. And it all begins with paint and floors. So here is what we signed the pre-nup with before we married the furniture.

Our carpet is a taupy-beige frieze. Your basic carpet.

This is going into our master bathroom. Pretty no? It IS pretty, but I must be honest and say that this bathroom and the children’s (which I will show you next) just about put me right over the edge. Brown, brown, brown, and beige. Alas, I had to let go of my cottage decor dreams and face the many merits of traditional design. But it’s still very, very pretty and will be warm and lovely for years to come. The darker red cabinet is what we are getting–the other cabinet is just what I leaned it all against. The wood flooring is actually tile. It REALLY looks like wood–even fooled Tony, and he’s a wood floor snob. The granite is going onto the counters only. The lighter tile next to the cabinets is for the shower and tub skirt.

This is the kids’ bathroom. Though I had envisioned white, white, and more white, I am a big fan of khaki and denim, so the wood and tile are the khaki element and the shower curtain will be a chambray blue to go with both kid’s decor choices.

The kids each have their own “vanity” area, and have chosen their own little decorating touches.

What Thad picked–we got the soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap/lotion dispenser, and tumbler for each of the kids.

What Victoria picked. Her lotion/soap dispenser is the beach bag one–not the sand castle.

Haven’t gotten a shower curtain yet, but it will be something along the lines of this.

And here is the kitchen. I had to fight for this kitchen as the white cabinets were not even an option. I went to the cabinet maker showroom and found that they have a white STAINED cabinet. The wood is impregnated with stain rather than being painted over–a little of the grain shows through–but it is on maple so there’s not much of a grain. I have also found that choosing kitchen cabinets is like choosing breast or bottle–many women have a strong opinion one way or the other. And I have asked MANY women. In the end, I went with the kitchen that made me happy. This one makes me happy. I had to paste the granite sample onto the photo, but you get the idea.

This is a better picture of what the tile looks like–similar to slate.

This is the look we’re going for, although our granite won’t have a vein this large.

Our wall paint is very similar to the paint in this picture, and we are having the 3″x6″ subway tile like on these walls.

The paint for the majority of the house can be found here. It is the fourth one down on the far left–Prairie Dust–kind of a taupe. It’s in every room except the dining room, bathrooms, Victoria’s room, and my craft room.

The dining room paint is here. Again, fourth down on the far left–Sterling Silver.

Victoria’s room will have (at her choosing) mint green walls, powder pink trim and chair rail, and light periwinkle blue ceiling. She couldn’t decide which color, so we’re using them all. She is very, very happy.

My craft room will have buttery yellow walls. The paint chip looks muddy on the computer, but it is the same color as the walls in Thad’s current room–just two shades lighter.

The craft room and game room floor is vinyl that looks like wood. We will have rugs over it. This photo shows the color.

This is the rug I am considering for the craft room.

Here it is on a floor.

And one of these two for the game room. The blue and white one is actually made of plastic. I can be hosed off, scrubbed, and bleached, but still feels like a rug. How cool is that?

And, this is probably going to be my splurge. It is a limited numbered print of a painting I DEFINITELY cannot afford. We have saved, and shopped sales, and worked, and walked on old, grungy carpet so that we can have what we really want in our new house. If I am brave enough to take the leap, this will grace the walls of my craft room. I think it is lovely.

Our house will feature another artist’s work as well. How did I get so blessed as to know someone who can take some paint and canvas and paper and colored pencils and create this?


6 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Colors for our House

  1. Stephanie

    Very, very you, Roxanne. And buying art you love is never wasting money. I’m glad you are taking the leap!

    Oh, and let me know when you are ready for Family & House Portrait II 🙂

  2. I am looking to purchase the beach set for a room in my house how do i go about this?speedandstrength28@gmail.com I just adore it!!! I have been looking everywhere for a set and it is impossible to find a whole matching set this one is PERFECT AND VERY COLORFUL!!!!!!

    1. Corinne,

      We got that set at Target, but it’s been about seven years now. If there is a Target near you, go look,around. This one was in the kids section.

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