All Manner of Cuteness

Each year I try to make sure the kids teachers get something that they will enjoy. I am normally not a mug kind of gal, but. . .

Last week I ordered THESE that my friend directed me to ’cause they are just WAY too cute even if you DON’T drink coffee. And I don’t.

They came in within four days. (We got the following letters: C, J, M, S, T, W.)

Tonight I went to Michaels and bought some of these

And some pink, lime green, yellow, blue, and lavender tissue.

And some silver wrapped Kisses to go into the cup.

The kids and I put it all into the polka dot boxes and then I tied ribbon on the handle to match the tissue.

I wrote their names on these little garage sale tags and looped them onto the handle of the box.

It was fun to make something look pretty in the midst of all of the end of school craziness. They are sitting on my kitchen table so I can look at them until we hand them out tomorrow.

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