I am a wimp.

This afternoon on the way home from school, I saw that gas at our corner station was $3.78. Then coming home from taking Thad and Victoria to Tony’s parents’ house for the night (we have a work day tomorrow), I saw that it was $3.85-$3.87 elsewhere.

Which made $3.78 look like a bargain.

So while Tony did some things that had to be done, I took the car and filled it up, then came home and got right into the pick-up to fill it up too. The pick-up has two tanks. Both were very near empty. I do not foresee gas prices dropping dramatically over the course of the summer, so I filled up both tanks. Both. Tanks. That is 30 gallons of gas.

And when it was time to hang the nozzle back up and decide if I did or did not want a receipt, I averted my eyes y’all. I so TOTALLY did not even take a glance at how much that just cost. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. Nothing I can do to change it. Don’t have the stomach to face reality. I quickly punched “no thanks” for the receipt, and kept my eyes AWAY from the screen.

On a happier note, the fountain drinks at our corner store are still the BARGAIN price of $.89.


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