There are wonderful, horrible, sad, joyful things going on in the world at this very moment. Of this I am sure. . .and I am aware of some of them–both good and bad. But here is a list of trivial things that will neither effect nor change the world. . .it’s just the view from my little corner of it.

1. I have a cold. I HATE having a cold in the summer time. I woke up this morning thinking it was allergies, but Claritin has done nothing for it, so it’s a cold. It is my end of school malady for this year. My body collapses when school is out. I am due.

2. Tony and I saw the new Indiana Jones movie after school yesterday. It was fine–lots of action–I agree with the reviewers who say “it could have been more.” On the other hand, Harrison Ford still knows how to sport a Fedora AND crack that whip.

3. After the movie we went to eat at Logan’s Roadhouse–home of peanuts on the table and shells on the floor–and REALLY good veggie skewers.

4. I got two pairs of decent length shorts today for $5 each on clearance AND two new “girlie” tops that are decent as well.

5. Before I found my bargains, I had to shop for bras. I hate to shop for bras like I hate having a cold in the summer.

6. We are about to burn a pile ‘o wood. And it’s big. As in huge. As in really, really, REALLY large.

That’s Victoria in front of the pile. Victoria is 4′ 11″ tall. You cannot see the edges of the pile in this photo. It’s a big pile. It must be burned so we can put a house atop the plot of earth it currently occupies. Tony talked to the “fire chief” of the Tri-County fire department tonight who promptly took an evening drive with his wife to view our pile and give it the thumbs up for burning. He thanked us for letting them know so that when 250 people call to report a large plume of smoke, he can assure them that it’s a “controlled burn.” Let’s hope it stays controlled.

7. School is out. Out. Out. Out. Of course, I have to take four different classes this summer. . .one this Friday. . .but SCHOOL is out. I told someone with the way that teachers feel at the end of the school year, it’s a wonder any of us come back in the fall. But we do. It’s a special brand of insanity. Not only do we come back. For the most part, we come back ready–with new ideas and new posters and new discipline management systems and new lessons. We keep on coming back. Insane I’m tellin’ ya.

8. Tonight I ordered this clock to go in the craftroom.

I saw this very same clock in a catalogue about four or five years ago–ripped out the picture–then promptly forgot where to order it, so when I saw it tonight, ordered it toot sweet. It makes me smile.

9. I’m going to lie on the couch and read a book I’ve read at least 3 times before and drink apple juice.

10. And blow my nose.

Have a good night.


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