Fictional Quotations and Real Babies

This next excerpt is from the opening pages of Welcome to the World, Baby Girl by Fannie Flagg. I have already quoted a passage from that book here. This following gem is from a character held within. I give you Aunt Elner in all of her wisdom.

“. . .Poor little old human beings–they’re jerked into this world without having any idea where they came from or what it is they are supposed to do, or how long they have to do it in. Or where they are gonna wind up after that. But bless their hearts, most of them wake up every morning and keep on trying to make some sense out of it. Why, you can’t help but love them, can you? I just wonder why more of them aren’t as crazy as betsy bugs.”

I have always been amazed by this photo. To me it looks like the hands of God holding the seeds of humanity–each of us in our infant state which, thankfully, is how he views us when we are covered with the blood of his son–innocent–pure. He is, personally, why I’m not as crazy as a betsy bug–just crazier than Cooter Brown. I’ve often wondered at the story behind this wonderful picture. Low and behold, here it is. If you click on “Maneesha Today” over in the menu on the right in that link, you can see her photo now.

And can I get an amen for Aunt Elner?

P.S. (Thad just wandered over and asked if the photo was real. I told him yes then said, “What does this look like to you?” Without missing a beat he said, “God.”)


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