I have this to say. . .

. . .*crickets*. . .*crickets*. . .

Not much. It has been a flurry of furniture shopping/fabric perusing/cleaning/packing/planning around here. Not that you can tell by looking in our home. It is neither clean nor packed and there is no new furniture or fabric to behold. BUT all of this must be done over the summer, ’cause it’s nigh unto impossible during school. It just wouldn’t happen.

Cooked dinner tonight–roasted chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, butter beans slow cooked, then cut up some peaches and sprinkled sugar on them so they can sit in the fridge and get perfectly sweet and juicy for later–’cause they’re good that way–the peaches of my childhood.

Oh, oh, oh. . .I DO have something to say. Remember the whole friend/baby/dream thing? Well. . . . .the “friend” is actually my sister-in-law–Tony’s brother’s wife. So the baby I dreamed is going to be my niece or nephew. How incredibly cool is THAT? They had the big announcement on Sunday!!!!!!! The baby is due February 2nd.

Okay–go forth–celebrate our nation’s birth and be happy about it. I’m going back to packing and cleaning and eating peaches.

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5 thoughts on “I have this to say. . .

  1. Your niece or nephew — Heather — is SOOOOO exciting! Yay!!

    I’m terribly envious of your dinner. Sounds most yummy. I think I used to cook… but I’m not sure.

  2. Your an auntie!!! And you got first dibs on the news, even!!! That’s privileged.

    Enjoy your fabric shopping. I do love me some fabric shopping. šŸ˜‰

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