Please remind me that:

a) I am too old to go shopping at 10 pm even in the summer when I don’t have to get up and go to work the next day. At the beginning of my shopping excursion tonight–which I put off until that late because I did NOT want to go in the afternoon when it was SO STINKIN’ BLAZIN’ HOT AND we had VBS tonight–I stood in the shampoo aisle and nearly cried. Seriously.

b) It is SO STINKIN’ BLAZIN’ HOT that I even sweat at 10 pm–except rather than sweating in the glaring light of day, I just sweat in the dark. It is oppressive right now. . .and it’s getting worse I believe.

Thus endeth the list. We are packing and cleaning and cleaning and packing and sorting and boxing up around here. A real estate agent is coming at 10:00 on Thursday to tell us what we already know–that we need new flooring and to paint the entire interior and get the GARGANTUAN snake off the back porch. Hopefully she will to tell us if we need to paint over the wallpaper in the kitchen, put in laminate flooring or tile downstairs rather than carpet, and if the chickens can stay as (to me) they are not nearly as offensive as the snake. The market is slow right now–even though it’s summer–but we have a ROCKIN’ back yard, so maybe that will sell this place for us.

Last week we went furniture shopping (more)–LOTS of furniture sales–and the reason we went ahead and got it is because they will HOLD IT FOR US until we move in. Hallelujah.

Tony turns 40 in 17 minutes. Strawberry cake tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Please remind me that:

  1. Stoopid shampoo companies! You can come and hang out with us. It’s a little smoky still, but the heat is quite tolerable, even without a/c. We’ll have some iced tea and not pack for a while.

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