In the Past 36 Hours Tony and I Have Done This

(And I will NOT be offended if you don’t read this. . .it’s more for me to remember this time so that I NEVER MOVE AGAIN. . .except possibly into an apartment if the house sells early–fingers crossed. . .then into a new house. . .but not again after that.)

10:00 AM Thursday- Real Estate agent came to look at our current home–loved the spacious back yard, covered porch, and master suite–gave us good news that we could get what we wanted for it relatively easily–boggled at the amount of stuff we had squeezed in here (and doesn’t know that we have already put several things in storage–basically told us to keep on working

10:30 AM- Reputable furniture store arrives with Victoria’s new dresser and nightstand WHILE real estate gal is here

11:15 AM- Real estate gal left

11:16 AM- Cried–a little overwhelmed

12:55 PM- All headed out to the property to place stakes where we want the front of the house

1:40 PM- and found that not only were our culverts delivered but placed in the ground with a very nice construction road atop it

Next two hours–gazed at lovely road, scenery, visited with neighbors, measured and staked things off, dreamed about actually living there

4:00 PM- left property to come home

4:45-7:00 PM- swung by library to return/recheck books, came home, got gift certificates for restaurant, went to eat

7:00-8:05 PM- Home Depot to check out carpet/tile/laminate prices and paint for current home–great prices–lousy customer service

8:10-9:30 PM- Lowes for the same thing–marginally higher prices–excellent customer service

9:45-10:00 PM- Ate Flav-O-Ice

10:00-11:30 PM- Crunched numbers for both stores and decided on carpet and tile and paint for current home (you guessed it: beige, beige, and beige)

11:30 PM-12:00 AM- Watched M*A*S*H on DVD

12:15 AM-6:45 AM Friday- Collapsed

8:30-9:15 AM- To Lowes to schedule measurements for carpet, etc.

9:45 AM- Arrive at Tony’s parents’ house to drop off kids so we could attend

10:00 AM- Meeting with finacial advisor

11:05 AM-1:00 PM- Went to pick up furniture ordered from a store run by Mr. Liar Pants

1:00 PM-1:50 PM- Visited with Tony’s parents

2:00-2:30 PM- Dr. appt.

3:30 PM- Begin moving and unwrapping new furniture–one piece damaged–wrong hutch sent.

3:30-6:00 PM- Call Mr. Liar Pants to discuss wrong furniture, unwrap more furniture–sweat–sweat–sweat–PROMISE each other to hire movers

6:30-9:30 PM- get Victoria’s furniture set up/pack up room/move boxes (with a 30 minute snow cone break)

9:30 PM- collapse in front of computer–Tony is already showered–I am so jealous but don’t know if I possess the ability to actually go up the stairs

Tomorrow MORE packing and moving and furniture but we get to STAY HOME. For all of the insanity–things are coming together.

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4 thoughts on “In the Past 36 Hours Tony and I Have Done This

  1. I read it all. Now I am so tired. Man, no wonder you need motrin. I would probably choose a nice glass of red wine, after a day like that though 🙂

    And I think I’ve just decided I’d be okay to live in my current house forever. 😉

  2. So, you weren’t pleased with your business dealings with Mr. Liar Pants? And with such a pleasant name… 🙂

    This kind of makes my stomach turn reading it — keeping in mind the past few times I have done such type of physical labor it was because of a foot of muddy water in my home or a jackhammered trough through my home. At any rate, I may not be able to walk the ‘moving’ road with you — it causes me far too much gastric distress to even think about.

  3. I just read another post comparing Lowe’s and Home Depot the same way. HD better pay attention to the mommy bloggers.

    YES! We moved ourselves last year. HIRE SOMEONE! Go ahead and budget for it. Even if you do the packing, having them just move it from one house to the other for you- sooooo worth it!

    Need boxes? Hit Dollar Generals all over your area. Ask when they get their stock. They may have a “cardboard box only” dumpster you can go through. Grocery store egg and produce boxes are great too.

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