Lessons Learned (so far) and Passed On to You

Update: Mr. Liar Pants and Co. are VERY, VERY fortunate to have Amanda in Customer Service. She is a Miss Nice Pants–a Miss Helpful Pants–a Miss Voice of Reason Pants. She is the only thing keeping me from slamming Mr. Liar Pants into a wall. Of course, there is always the possibility that she is a Miss Liar Pants, but for now, I will trust that she is truthful and helpful. I told her that she deserved a raise. She thanked me and told me in turn that I was one of her nicer disgruntled customers–probably because I didn’t yell or curse or try to blame anything on her. If, of course, she turns out to be Mr. Liar Pants kin, then I will fill out the lovely purchase dispute form that my credit card sent me earlier today. We’ll see on Friday when the “new” furniture is delivered.

1. Shop around. I have done this on things from fabric to bedspreads to furniture. It’s definitely worth it–especially with the lovely computer age in which we live–makes shopping around much easier. We live in a big ‘ole town with lots of avaialable stores, but many places will deliver things for free to get the sale–just make sure that the merchandise you are getting is the SAME BRAND NAME as what you have seen.

2. Find somewhere to SEE the items first if you can. Seeing is believing. And I mean seeing the ACTUAL item.

3. Do NOT buy furniture from Mr. Liar Pants. Mr. Liar Pants is anyone who promises you a “good deal” and that his furniture is “like everyone else’s” and has a “marginal supply of it to show you because they only keep certain items in stock so they can keep their overhead low and pass the savings on to you.” He is a Mr. Liar Pants. And possibly a Mr. Liar Shirt and Shoes as well. He is STILL a Mr. Liar Pants even when you ask him to clarify REPEATEDLY. Even when you ask him the same question more than four times and he ASSURES you that the information he is giving you is correct. Even when, before he puts the order in the computer, you restate EVERYTHING HE HAS TOLD YOU TO BE TRUE and he says, “That is correct,” he is STILL a Mr. Liar Pants.

4. It’s worth the extra bucks to go to a REAL furniture store and pay $200 more to SEE the items and have a “no hassle money back guarantee.” We have bought from both, and it is WORTH IT. I am about to have to negotiate with Mr. Liar Pants while Mr. Honest Pants is about to get some more of our business after the mess with Mr. Liar Pants is cleared up.

5. I’ll keep you informed.

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9 thoughts on “Lessons Learned (so far) and Passed On to You

  1. OK, Roxanne, is this a “mom and pop” mr. liar pants or an “in every town” mr. liar pants? We also had a bad furniture experience that has gone on for about two years… yikes. Hang in there.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your furniture issues and your wonderful new friend named Mr. Liar Pants. He sounds wonderful.

  3. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could be an Amazon, just for a day? It would be so fun. You could just waltz into the store and start throwing La-Z-Boys.

  4. I think Mr. Liar Pants might believe me to be an Amazon in Training as he waved the additional $100 that the “higher quality” furniture that we THOUGHT we were getting (but did not) would cost AND he waived the $100 delivery fee as he was going to have to come and pick up all the damaged/wrong merchandise anyway. In the words of Amanda, “Mr. Liar Pants (name changed to protect myself because Mr. Liar Pants is probably libel happy) just wants you to be taken care of.” Translated, “Mr. Liar Pants knows that you are NOT Mrs. Wimpy Pants OR Mrs. Stupid Pants and no longer wishes to deal with you if he doesn’t have to, thereby doing whatever possible to stay OUT of your way and let ME deal with you.”

  5. FYI, Tony is not absent in all of this. He is handling lawyers and builders and real estate agents and manual yard work. I am in charge of furnishing, fabric, general decor, and packing anything that stands still.

  6. I’m sorry you are having trouble with human beings. You know, some of them are limited in their scope of creative thinking. In the words of president Bush, bless his heart, “Money trumps peace.”

  7. Hey! I haven’t talked to you in forever! How’s life? I have been married for almost 4 years now, no kids yet. We’re currently living in Charlotte, NC but we’re trying to move to Florida in the near future. We both work and stay busy all the time!

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