For my Arachnophobic Friends


Update on the furniture saga ’08: Mr. Liar Pants is now just Mr. L. Pants. He has upgraded his status slightly by responding post haste to an e-mail query I sent regarding if they were or were not coming today. I appreciate promptness.

Update on house revival saga ’08: Tile was put into our kitchen yesterday–which means our fridge was put into our living room along with a table, six chairs, and a baker’s rack–but the tile looks GREAT, and we don’t have to walk as far to get a cold drink. Today they will calk, and tomorrow, the kids can run amok on the tile and giggle and slide. We didn’t think they were going to have to rip up the vinyl because it was down pretty good, but when they removed the quarter round from the based boards, the tile ripped, so they scraped it all up. Victoria is normally the sensitive one around here when it comes to change, but it was Thad who crawled into my lap and cried over the destruction of the only kitchen floor he’s ever known. It was a little overwhelming to find out that the “ground” beneath his feet could be so quickly yanked from under him. I hope this is the only time in his life that happens–but I doubt it will be.

Pillows and window scarf and mantle scape photos coming at some point. We’re movin’ on.

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2 thoughts on “For my Arachnophobic Friends

  1. I came home from work two days ago and the fort/swing set in the back yard was gone. The boys had disassembled it and delivered all the wood beams, bolts & screws, the whole thing, to a fellow fire fighter’s yard, for his two step kids. I was surprised how the boys took the whole thing in stride, asking them if they felt sad that it was gone… Not really, and what? We’re too big for that now. were the answers. I think I was sadder than any of them, remembering the day it was brought home and built, and the way the boys swung, and slid, and laughed sop many days and summer evenings out there these past 6+ years.


  2. I’ve been known to cry, too, when my vinyl floor has been ripped up. Glad to hear that the “ready-to-sell-preparations” are continuing well.

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