Cleanliness is next to. . .

My friend Sandy, who lives in Canada, just returned from a trip to India. She has been posting her thoughts and journal entries from her time there. Call me what you will, but I have no desire to go to India. . .the middle East. . .Asia in general. I have loved reading Sandy’s journal entries though–to hear a “westerner’s” view and experiences in another country is interesting at the very least and life-changing if you let it be.

I looked up the origin of that famous phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and found that it dates back to a sermon by John Wesley. The website states that it is probably a much older axiom than even Wesley’s time–and we know from scripture that God demanded cleanliness and stringent standards of sanitation from the Jews, but the saying as we know it is not found in scripture.

That being said, tonight I am thankful for cleanliness in the particular forms of:
clean sheets
clean hair
clean bodies
clean jammies
clean faces
clean teeth
floors not made of dirt OR with cracks through which dirt can be seen

A few years ago on PBS there was a reality series called “1900’s House.” It was the first in several that PBS did, and the best. After that first season they sort of veered into “Survivor” and “Big Brother” style episodes that were more about the drama than the experience. But, when the first people–a family–left their Victorian house to go back to the “real world,” I clearly recall them stopping at a convenient store. The mom said that all of the smells were overwhelming. She could smell clothes detergent, shampoo, deoderant, perfume, hairspray on all of the different people around her because they had been without those things for nearly 3 months.

Well, right now I plan to go and make sure that all of those things can be found on me. I embrace the clean.

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2 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to. . .

  1. I saw your post at linds yesterday on diets and I went to the daily plate but I could not firgure it out I was trying to count my caloies and it wanted me to join I thought it was for free it seems like it has really work for you any advise?
    thank you,

  2. Yes. Definitely. I love my shower-a-day. Or two when I’m feeling poorly. Hot water and yummy smelling bath products are a thing of beauty. And so is laundry detergent. And six-year-olds who fold and put away for 25 cents per load. And Swiffer mops. I’ll be nesting in the kitchen for a while.

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