So you’ll know

If you have a Cost Plus/World Market anywhere near you, these are THE BEST GINGERSNAPS IN THE WORLD EVER.

I have only ever seen them in the fall and around Christmas, but low and behold if they didn’t have a “spring” version of them this year in little flower shapes in a blue can. They are normally just round and in a red can. The spring can is also smaller. I found them yesterday and am eating them RIGHT THIS SECOND even though it’s not autumn.

ANYWAY. If you are a fan of the gingersnap, these are the ones to buy. They are also PERFECT to use for anything that calls for a gingersnap crust as they are very thin and crispy and much easier to crush up than the average gingersnap.

Anyway–I know it is hot and humid and WAY early to be talking about spice cookies and pumpkin cheesecake, but I needed to tell you. AND I am CLEAN while enjoying them. That is all.

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3 thoughts on “So you’ll know

  1. Yes, i agree, those are the best! I love the spring can. I WISH there was a World Market type place up here… *sigh*

  2. I’m a VERY big fan of the snap, so it’s a good thing I do not have a World Market close to me since the only thing bigger than my adoration of the snap is my bo-hunkus these days. Behind me, Satan.

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